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Just wondering if anyone else has delivered here at Camp Lejeune?  What I really want advice on is good Dr's.  OB Drs.  I was stuck with a resident Dr that I just dont feel comfortable with.  I have four other children and never had this occur before.  I have never disliked my OB Dr's before.  Actually, I dont dislike her, I just dont feel like she's here for me.  She hasn't even given me my due date.  Would my first ultrasound give an accurate due date?  I can't remember my LMP but think it was end of March..the very end.  Thanks for your help!

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  • I have not, but friends of mine have and I was under the impression you not only don't get to pick your doc, but you see a different one at every visit with no real idea of who will be there on the day you deliver?
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  • I would try and find a Dr out in town.  I've never really heard anything good about Lejuene.  I'm on Cherry Point currently and I only go to Medical for emergency's with my stepkids.  I would rather go to Urgent Care than to the family clinic on Base.  I always feel so talked down to by the Drs.
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  • I have heard some not so great things about the naval hospital. I'm seen out in town by dr. Melanson at the Christ Clinic and love her! Will also deliver at OMH.
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  • A friend of mine delivered at Naval and she absolutely loved it. You hear so many rumors about the horror stories of either Naval or Onslow, but you shouldn't pay attention to what you hear. You should really just base it on your own personal experience. I am 3 months pregnant and I get seen at the OB on Naval and I love it. All of the nurses are super nice and I am currently seeing Captain Bond. She is amazing and I will see her every visit. You have the option to see someone else every visit or you can just stick to the OB they give you. Good luck!

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