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Okay, this boob growing thing has gotten out of control.

 Are yall wearing maternity bras? If so which ones?

 Pre-pregnancy I wore bras that had a LOTof padding, so I've been trying to get away with just taking all that padding out and wearing the bra and wearing sports bras (so comfy).

 But I give up! It just hurts too much - they grew even more I guess.

Need to hit the mall today - please let me know if you have any suggestions!!



Re: Bras!

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    I work for a lingerie store, and we normally suggest going for your sister size in the bigger band for the first few months. Definitely get a fitting when you go in & tell the associate that you are pregnant. I've only had to go up a cup size so far, but I do find comfort in sports bras. You can get some cute ones at lulu lemon too, that won't make you feel so frumpy & will still provide shape under clothing!
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    I got some at a Motherhood Maternity outlet. They were $20-$25 a piece and also had a buy 3 get 1 free sale. I got them all a cup size bigger & one I got a bigger band size just in case I'd need it down the road. They are really comfy and double as nursing bras.

     I had to get some new bras asap as my mom freaked me out saying that my boobs were going to sag if I didn't. I've also been wearing a lot of sports bras too.

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    I am a hardcore bra nerd and avoid most of what's available in department stores/Victoria's Secret and so forth because the quality and sizing is so terrible, but getting my regular Intimacy or Town Shop fittings is far too expensive at the moment!

    I haven't gone up in band size yet (nor did I in my first pregnancy until closer to the end, when I suddenly went from a 32 to a 36), but I'm already up a cup size.  I'm hoping that's all that happens this time, but I'm just sticking with sports bras so far; I am a big Moving Comfort fan and often pick them up on sale at Title Nine or on eBay.  

    I won't be BFing this time (long, unpleasant story), so I get to skip nursing bras; I never found a comfortable 'maternity' bra before, but I was a lot bustier then; even so, my goal is to stick to what I have lying around, then get fitted again post-baby.

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