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new to forum/any opinions about Emory Women's Clinic?


I'm newly pregnant (4 weeks) and just found this forum.  I did not have a regular OB (general doctor did my yearly exams) so I had to find one.  My husband is at CDC so I thought it would be good go to Emory Women's Clinic on the main campus so he can be sure to come to my appts-just a quick walk or drive away.  Anyway, my first appt  is next month when I'm at 8 weeks.  I asked for a doctor I read about but they said she wasn't taking new patients.  They scheduled me with their NP-Maxine Bellamy.  Anyone worked with her? I couldn't find any reviews online.  Should I be irritated that they scheduled me with an NP instead of an OB? They didn't really give me any choice.  Or does it matter? I have hypothyroidism and wanted to make sure I got someone with lots of experience with endocrinology issues. 

 Does anyone here to to the main campus emory women's clinic? Do you like them?

 I know they deliver at Emory Midtown.  I found some old posts on here about delivering at Emory...but has anyone had any recent experiences? you know if Emory is doula friendly? I have a friend that had a good experience with a doula and thought I might want one.

 Thanks for any advice/insight. Sorry I asked so much.  I'm very excited and anxious.  The next 4 weeks are going to go by so slow. 

Re: new to forum/any opinions about Emory Women's Clinic?

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    First of all, congratulations!  I have a good amount of experience with Emory overall, but none with their Women's Center at Main Campus.  Heck, I didn't even realize they saw OB patients there.  Most all of the OB care I've known about is done at Midtown.  Overall, Emory has some good OBs (Jessica Arluck is one),  but the department has a good bit of turnover.     

    I didn't deliver at Midtown (I went with Piedmont) but I've had several friends that did and seemed to like it okay.  In terms of doulas, I think it has more to do with your provider than the hospital.  I think the most doula-friendly/natural birth-friendly OB to deliver at midtown is probably Dr. Tate, but his office is in Norcross. 

    Good luck with whatever you decide! 


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  • First off - Congrats on your pregnancy.  I delivered at Emory Midtown and it was fine.  They are used to seeing doulas there, so I wouldn't worry about that. 

    With respect to the Emory Clinic - I don't have personal experience but my best friend was a patient there, but she switched to a different practice at 20 weeks.  The doctors are apparently fantastic,  However, since most of the doctors in the practice are teaching faculty, their schedules change a lot and they don't exactly stick to their scheduled office hours.  My girlfriend kept either getting rescheduled or pushed to an NP from her practioner.  She liked her doctor (either Weiss or Horton) but was fed up with the run-around.  She was told that it was the norm for the practice, so she decided it just wasn't for her.  

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  • Thanks so much for the congrats and the input. I might still shop around a bit...I will probably post something else asking for OB recs.  I don't necessarily have to go to emory clinic...I just thought it would have good doctors and be most most convenient.  The only other ob/practices I learned about only deliver at Dekalb Medical...and I would just rather not deliver there due to negative experiences of people I know. If you know of any good OBs in the decatur area that deliver anywhere but Dekalb Medical, I would appreciate any input.

    Thanks again

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