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Who has used or is planning on using a scale at home for their infant? I have been considering getting one since I am nervous about breast feeding after having breast reduction about 5.5 years ago and want to make sure my LO will be getting enough to eat.
I was able to get a used scale today that is normally around $175 for $20 since a local woman just wanted it out of her house. Yay!

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Re: Baby Scale

  • We had to do weighted feedings with DD when she was in the NICU.  I honestly wouldn't recommend planning to do that, or regular weight checks, unless it's recommended by your pedi or an LC.  It was actually more stressful to obsess about the numbers than it was to just nurse her.

    You may end up being glad you have it, but my advice is to keep it in the closet and see how things go at first.  You'll be seeing a pedi a couple of times in the first two weeks for a weight check anyway, which will give you a good idea about how she's nursing.


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  • You're better off watching the output (amounts of poops and pees) from what I have read.

    And don't forget they do lose weight the first few days while your milk is coming in.

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  • I have a baby scale that I used with my DD, but not a super fancy one, just one that weighs in pounds and ounces that sells for around $60. I didn't ever try to weigh DD before and after feedings -- I didn't buy the scale until she was a little over a week old and was already having weight problems and switched to formula (per her pedi & the LC). It was also costing me a small fortune in co-pays to keep taking her into the pediatrician for weight checks, so it was nice to be able to watch her weight at home. After the first few weeks, I weighed her once a month.


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  • hmp1hmp1 member
    My LC left us one of hers when she came to my house the day after my milk came in. She picked it up a week later.  DS lost a lot a weight that first week so we had to do regular weight checks at the pedi too. Do you have a LC? I would get that lined up first if you are worried about BF'ing.

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  • I went to a local breast feeding support group where there was a lactation consultant onsite and other moms to chat with.   They'd have you get a naked baby weight then nurse and take the baby's weight again.  Then you could calculate how many ounces they were taking in at a feeding.  Between occasionally attending those meetings and the frequent early doctor appointments I felt that that was plenty of information to put me at ease.   Like a PP said, I think I'd obsess a little too much if I had a home scale.    Maybe there is a group like that in your area? The lactation consultant was from our local hospital.   
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  • Our LC said that it wasn't usually worth it because the store quality ones didn't work very well. I was worried about ds eating enough too. The one you got sounds like an expensive one, so maybe it will be a great one. 
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  • I agree with the PP that said only get it if the pedi recommends it. You'll have a few check ups early on & the pedi will know if weight gain is an issue or not.

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