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Where should we shop for nursery furniture?

Starting to get serious about setting up the nursery.  Where should we be shopping? 

After 6 long years of TTC and a traumatic birth... I finally got to hold my baby in my arms!

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2006 start TTC

2007 Start w/ RE (Endo and MFI previous marriage)/ 2008 Vericocele surgery/3 clomid cycles
2009 Lap removed stage III endo/ 2 failed IUI/ Divorce

2011 Remarried
October 2011 Dx: Endo & DOR/ November 2011- clomid & TI cycle
January 2012 IVF~  Flare protocol 10 ER/ 9 mature fertilized with ICSI/ ET- 2 Grade A Blasts/ 4 frozen= BFN
Febuary 2012- -Endo Biopsy/  MTHFR diagnosis
March 8- FET 2 grade A blasts= BFP!!!!

November 2012-  Charles was born by emergency C-Section

Dealing with:
Stage III Endo/ DOR/ MTHFR two mutations C677T & A1298C

Currently TTC #2  FET planned January 2014

Re: Where should we shop for nursery furniture?

  • Not sure where you live, but if you are near the city then I recommend New Baby Products, on Cheshire Bridge (conveniently near Taqueria del Sol! :))  It doesnt look like much when you drive up - but it has everything and the sales people are wonderful.  We bought our entire nursery there - and then we have gone back several times for other "stuff" -everything you can think of really!

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  • Ditto to New Baby Products.  They have a great selection, although we didn't purchase there :)  First time around we found what we wanted at Georgia Baby & Kids, but ended up purchasing online to get the items cheaper.  For Baby #2 we did go back to Georgia Baby & Kids and purchased directly through them.  I love their selection, and their sales associates are very nice as well.  Good luck!!!!!  So excited for you!!
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  • kegkeg member
    Ikea!  We got our cribs, dresser, and bookcase from there.  It's good furniture and not expensive enough to get upset if your kids destroy it. :-) 
    2004-Started TTC; Nov 2007-Lap with endo removed; Jan 2008-Ectopic (mtx); April 2008-IVF #1 (bfp, twin girls); March 2011-FET (cp); June 2012-IVF #2 (bfp, singleton, EDD 3-19-12)

    ***Twin fraternal girls born at 35w6d in 12/2008***

  • GA Baby and kids, they are great. 
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  • I loved the customer service at GA baby and kids.  Lots of inventory too.
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  • I'm not a fan of expensive baby furniture.  Crib came from BRU and everything else from ikea.  2 kids and going strong! 






  • We bought all of our nursery furniture from BRU when they had a massive sale.  However, that was back when we lived in FL.  I've been to the BRU/TRU in Buckhead and it sucked, so I would listen to the others, lol. 

    Also, for those who mentioned the other stores, did they have good umbrella stroller selections?  We are looking to get one before our trip next week.  

  • I bought for both my daughter's at GA BABY AND KIDS!!! They have the best selection, great prices.. they often have sales.. we got our furniture in within like 2 weeks, even though we asked to wait 6 weeks to get ready!
  • Not a fan of nursery furniture either.  Got a dresser from Ikea and that gets used as a changing table.  Crib from BRU with one of their 20% coupons.  
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