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Here's what the psychic said about my baby...

My MIL and SIL went to Vegas last weekend to see John Edwards live.  The opening act, I guess you could say, came out and, like Edwards, started walking around, talking to people about their lives.  She came up to my MIL and stated both her mother and father's name.  She told them they were happy and were angry that she didn't get anything from their deaths.  When her parents died, her siblings didn't tell her and wiped out the estate before she found out.  Spooky enough.  Then, the psychic told her to ask any question about anyone else in her life and she would answer it.  My MIL asked "Is Cecilia (my LO) going to be ok?"  The psychic answered, "She is going to be very good, but you need to remind her mother to stay positive."  Here's why this kinda freaks me out:  first of all, my MIL never mentioned Cecilia was a baby or that she knew her mother and, secondly, I am notoriously negative.  I call it realistic, but I've been told that before, so tomato, tomahtoPlus, I was diagnosed with borderline pre-e last week.  I normally don't believe in psychics, but now I'm feeling oddly reassured.  Is that normal or am I being incredibly naive?  Thoughts?

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  • That's pretty cool! 
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  • Take his advice and stop worrying!


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    Take his advice and stop worrying!

    Yes Stressing and worrying never does anything positive. Breath and trust you and your baby will be ok.



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  • Sage advice if there ever was any.

    There was once a psychic who would come on a local morning show where I grew up, and one day I decided to write her an email to see if she'd discuss my issue on the show. I was 20 years old and just ending a 5 year relationship with an emotionally abusive boyfriend, who was still harassing me. All I included in the email was our dates of birth and asked if I was making the right decision to leave him.

    She read my email on the show that morning and described us both to a 'T', as well as the relationship - to such a degree that my mother who was watching the same show three hours away immediately called me and asked if the psychic was talking about me!

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  • That is a little spooky!  Until the last couple years, I wouldn't have believed your story, BUT..

    Two stories of my own...My mom died about 2.5 years ago from cancer.  While she was dying, I was at her house one weekend, helping my dad care for her.  It had been a hard day, and I went to my room for the night after my parents went to sleep.  I was a little bored, and poking around, and found a manila envelope containing documents regarding my grandparents' estate (mom's parents).  The contents didn't matter to me.  I just got hit so hard seeing their very familiar handwriting.  All of a sudden, I got irrationally angry at my grandparents, feeling as though they were "taking" my mom from me.  My eyes filled with tears, and in an angry voice, I said out loud (to the ceiling) "You had better take care of her [my mom.]"  A second later, I felt a heavy weight on my right shoulder, like a hand, and someone said "We will." very softly into my right ear.

    About three weeks later, my mom was ready to leave us.  My family had dinner together that evening around my mom's bedside.  Then my bro and his wife went home, and DH, my dad and I all went to sleep.  I woke up at 4:45 a.m. after having a dream that my mom had passed, and in the dream, my dad was gently shaking me awake the next morning to tell me.  I woke DH, and told him I'd had a bad dream, and he helped me get back to sleep.  I think I knew as I drifted off again that my mom was gone.  The next thing I knew, my dad was sitting on my bedside, shaking me awake, just as he had in the dream, and telling my my mom had passed away during the night.  I replied, "I know.  I dreamt it just like this."  DH and my dad both went white as sheets.  When the hospice nurse arrived later that morning, she asked my dad and me if we knew when my mom had passed.  I said, yes, I did.  It was shortly before 5 that morning.  She smiled and said, yes, that was her estimate as well, between 4:45 and 5:00 a.m.  I know for sure that was my mom saying goodbye to me. 

    Take that person's advice, and stay positive!  You have permission now to relax!

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  • I'm trying to take it easy, but I know next week is going to be hectic.  I have a ton of work to get taken care of, since it's the end of summer, I have to sub a class, I have to take care of my dad coming out of surgery (just me) and I have to take my grandma to doctor's appointments.  I'm going to do my best to stay positive!
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