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New Here & Mixed emoticions

Me and my bf found out i'm pregnant last week (I'm 7 weeks) And it's our first, so we have mixed emotions his family has made it very real as his mum & dad are really happy. My mum on the other hand is freaking out we're 21 and 24 been together for 6years Smile

I have so many questions it's unreal & just looking for people who won't judge us.

I work part time but my bf had a very bad accident in April and can't work yet as he almost lost his foot. We definitely need help... I feel like all the worries are making it hard it be excited.

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    First off, 21 and 24 aren't that young to be having kids- younger side, sure, but not so young that people should get all judgy. 

    As for your work situation, would it be possible for you to find full-time work?  How long before you're thinking your bf will be able to work?  Money is an issue for a lot of people- try to be excited through those stressors. 

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    First off, 21 and 24 aren't that young to be having kids- younger side, sure, but not so young that people should get all judgy. 

    I was 22 when I got pregnant and 23 with DS was born, and I was still judged. People judge no matter what.

    OP, good luck. If people judge you, try not to put too much weight into their opinions. You're an adult.

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    Eh. I was barely 19 when my oldest was born. I had been with the dad for 3 years, and I spent another year and a half trying to make it work with him after that. Even with the mistakes and bad timing, I recovered, moved forward, and have a great life with my own wonderful family now. 

    You guys are not horribly young, you've already made it through a good chunk together, you'll be alright. His injury sounds horrible - I hope he is doing well, in spite of it.

    If you both want to have and raise your baby, you will find a way to make that happen. No one here can hand you an instruction manual to figure everything out, but we sure can offer support and unbiased advice. 

    I assume you guys are already on some form of medicaid or medicare due to his injury and you being the sole source of income - but, if you aren't, that's something you should probably start looking into right away. There are a lot of services to help out in situations like this, and it's never too early to start seeking out your options to reduce the stress that you're surely already dealing with. 

    Let us know if you need any information.  

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    Thank you all for replying i really appriciate it. 

    We had a look online at some options and booked a  few meetings to speak to people.

    At the moment i am using my mobile and cant see all replies, when i get to a pc i will reply properly. 

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