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1st day of camp

Today I put my 6 year old (starting kindy this fall) on the bus to day camp.  She was so excited and was acting so big.  I was so proud of her - if she was nervous or scared at all, she didn't show it.  And I held it all together too - I think I got over my nerves as the day got closer.  My kids do not take the bus for school since open enroll so I drive them so this is the only bus experience for us unless we move in district.  I so can't wait to pick her up and hear all about her 1st day at camp.  DH and I are both huge camp people - both grew up doing daycamps, over night camps and working at camps during college so I am really, really hoping she loves it as much as we do. 

It is a little funny to me when I think about camp and my family - right now my DD is at daycamp, I have a niece in her 2nd week of 3 of overnight camp, another niece left this morning for 3 weeks of an amazing camp experience (in the middle of nowhere 16 hours from home), my oldest nephew is a counselor on a  camp trip that travels pretty much across the  US camping the whole way, its a 6 week trip and his younger brother is working at a camp as one of the camp photographers (the camp I went to as a kid!!).  Yes - camp is in our blood!!!

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Re: 1st day of camp

  • That is awesome! I would have been a bucket of big fat tears after that buys pulled away! Good job of holding it together.

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    I grew up in MN, too, but I also went camping every summer.  Those were some of the best memories, and really helped me to be an independant person.  DH & I used to camp before kids, but we have not gone with the kids.  Next summer, for sure, when we won't have to bring a Pack n play.
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