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Pets know something's up!

My cat is REALLY starting to sense something is going on. There are ch-ch-changes a-comin'! He's been such a snug-a-bug lately, Especially loving up on my belly-resting his head or even a paw up.. I thought this was too cute of a snap shot to pass up..

Do you think your pets know that something is going on at your house?As to not be a TOTAL AW, go ahead and post some cute pics of ur pet!



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Re: Pets know something's up!

  • Yes I have 2 small dogs. My male dog when I was pregnant with my daughter started following me around and keeping his eye on me alot. He is doing the same thing now. My 2 year and my male dog are very close and its her buddy. He is very protective of her.

    My female dog avoids my daugther and only comes near us if we have food to feed her. I'm really not shocked that she can careless.

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    Awwwww, I love your cat.  I'm going to steal it.

    No pets here :(


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  • I have two male cats and one female. The little girl has been very needy lately. She follows me everywhere I go, and cries for me when she cannot find me. She lays beside me on the couch all day. It is almost annoying sometimes! She is so sweet though, so I put up with it. The male cats really do not care, although my oldest cat has taken to sleeping in the floor in front of LO's crib for a while now. It is adorable! BTW- Your cat is precious!
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  • This is currently taking place on my lap. Sorry about the huge pic, I don't know how to resize on my phone


    ETA: Pic size

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  • I definitely agree - they know something is in there!

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    my 9 y/o female cat used to be a huge BISH, now shes all loveable, as loveable as she can be. She sleeps in the rocker/recliner that we got for the nursery (hand me down, covered with a sheet), she makes it a point to socialize with us at night.


    The dog follows me more then she used to, she sits in my recliner while I shower, to make sure I am ok.  She has gotten super protective.

  • My dogs definitely know somethings up! This is my dog, Blondie, after putting the stroller together last night....

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  • imageJDbaby0421:

    My dogs definitely know somethings up! This is my dog, Blondie, after putting the stroller together last night....

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    Awhh that's adorable!

    We do not have a nursery set up (we're moving next month) but we do have a spare room with all of the baby stuff in it. Our dog goes in there all the time to lay down and sleep all by himself. Normally, he does not want to be more than 3 feet away from me, so this is not like him at all, but I think it's sweet.  

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  • My dog has been so much more clingy lately. I know she knew when I got pregnant because she changed then. She's been normal for the past few months. A few weeks ago she got really clingy again. Always with me. She isn't a lap dog at all, she just wants to be next to me. 

    This is her smushed between my belly and the arm of a chair.


  • My dog has been so clingy, needy and whiney for me. He follows me everywhere, will only sleep on my side of the bed, lays his head or paw on my belly when we sit on the couch, and just wants me to hold him all the time. He def knows something is up. He has also gotten more fiesty when other people come near me.  Like on walks he is protective of other dogs and people when they approach us.  And he barks a lot when people come to the door- never used to do this at all.

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  • If I leave a piece of clothing on the floor I wore, my dog pees on it.  Not quite as cute as your situation.  Tongue Tied
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  • uromysuromys member
    If I leave a piece of clothing on the floor I wore, my dog pees on it.  Not quite as cute as your situation.  Tongue Tied

    Hahaha that's love! :)

    My cat and dog have been following me around since about week 10. Last week I wasn't feeling well and my little dog friend would not stop following me around. I could barely sit down without him already being up and under me. Once Saturday hit I felt awful and he would allow me up (like I had the energy to move) 
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