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1st RE appt in a few days but will be on period....?

I was planning on calling my RE today so make sure that they received our paper work and test reulsts form by Gyno.  I am supposed to start my period either the day before or the day of our appointment.  Is this a big deal.  I am not sure if they will do an exam or not or if they care about AF. hmm..thoughts?  I was hoping I would be KU but after today's temp drop its not looking good lol.  TIA
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Re: 1st RE appt in a few days but will be on period....?

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    It's standard to do a vag u/s on cd2-4 when almost everyone is bleeding. They're used to it!
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    Not a big deal.  I actually asked my RE this when he scheduled my first ultrasound and he said "it's just business." Zip it!

    But really they're used to it.  I surrepticiously throw out my own hygenic sheet from the table when the nurse leaves to let me get dressed.  Also ask to use the bathroom right beforehand.

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    Whew!  thanks ladies...I was thining it wasn't a big deal...I just didn't want to have to reschedule.  Well here we go !Huh?
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    It might be perfect since they do like to do cd2-4 testing.  My first RE visit fell on cd3 so I was able to get the b/w & u/s  same day.  It was nice for once not to have to wait for testing.  Of course, that was before I really spent much time here on 3T so I was glad I didn't have days to worry but was still a bit surprised by the vag cam. 

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    I don't have much else to add but wanted to say good luck :)
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    As others said, they're used to doing CD3 ultrasounds. I also throw out my own sheet when I get dressed. You should be on track to have perfect timing for bloodwork and u/s. That is a good thing.

    Don't be nervous! Good Luck!

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