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Itching anyone!

So lately I've noticed that I've started to itch in places like my arms and legs. It's annoying and I wonder if it's a pregnant thing or something else. There's no visible rash or bites so I'm not sure the cause.

Re: Itching anyone!

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    Ask your OB.  I know there are lots of pg induced rashes that can form.  I don't know details but my SIL has something called pupps with her first baby and now again with her second.  The first time she didn't get it until the 3rd trimester but this time she said she's had it on and off the entire pregnancy.  Might be something worth checking in to.
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    This happened to me.  It was my hands, then my lower legs, then my arms.  It turned out for me the itching was eczema getting ready to break out.  I had eczema as a child and I will get a small flare up in the winter some times but that's it.  Since becoming pregnant ( seriously, after conception but before BFP) I have had spots of it popping up every where.  FINALLY I have found something that's safe and really helps with the itching.  I went and bought regular Quaker Oatmeal from the grocery store and put it in a tube sock.  Tie a knot on the top so the oatmeal doesn't come out and place it in a warm ( not hot ) bath and after a few minutes if you start to squeeze the sock you will see a milky liquid come out.  Keep doing that until the bath water is milky and soak for a bit.  That really helps me alot.  I even squeeze the oatmeal stuff right onto super itchy spots if they're really bad.  After my bath I use Aveeno Skin Relief lotion and it helps a ton.  Plus, it REALLY moisturizes your skin.  I hope you feel a lot less itchy soon!!
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    My legs were itching pretty bad but using Palmer's cocoa butter has really helped!

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    ifor me, it is dry skin that causes it. ii moisturize a lot, it helps.
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    This happened to me my first pregnancy on my arms and legs. It wasn't less like a rash and more just like really itchy skin. (I've had eczema, and this was different looking.) 

     I asked my OB, who said it was pregnancy related, and that it happens most in first time mothers of boys. (I was first time mom and I had a boy...so maybe she's right. I didn't know DS was a boy when she told me, and neither did she.) It eventually went away, around late second trimester. Hope that helps!

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    I forgot to add that moisturizer didn't help me much, but a Benadryl topical ointment did. HTH!
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    I had this happen to me last time as well.  After my last time I was prego I didnt want to take meds to help.  So my Dr told me Head and shoulders blue bottle with zinc helps with itching.  Just use it as a body lotion.  So far my itching is min from where it was before.
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    I loved your post that this happens to first time mothers of boys! I was reading this aloud to my DH and had to read that line again : ) I'd love a boy but we're totally excited about whatever the Lord brings...but it would be the neatest if there was a little boy in there : )


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