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3 natural births, nervous about my last!!!

Okay, i am a mother of 3 (5.3.1) and i am 36 weeks. my doctor says with each child i carry the pain is going to be worst, i feel contractions earlier, the baby sits lower, etc. (thank god this is our last). Anyway, to many surprise i am nervous about deliverry...You would think Id be a pro

baby one- epidural, felt nothing... no pain, they woke me up to have him because id dialated 12 cm,,, which you are not suppose to do

baby 2-epidural- had some type of reaction and blacked out, didnt work felt everything, and i mean everything. after delivery my pressure was so high it was like i had preaclampsia and had to be observated. not a fun experience

baby 3- epidural.. i knew when i got it it was too late but i insisted because everything was happening so fast (meaning with each contraction i could literally feel him move down the birth canal) and it was more painful. so i had him natural, and omg do not want to do that again.

so as you can tell i have a low tolerance for pain and i am praying for an experience like i had with my first son... no pain

Re: 3 natural births, nervous about my last!!!

  • Wow, but I guess if it is your last, it could be a little unnerving.
  • I've had 3 kids so far (13, 10 and 7) and this will be my last baby...I feel just as nervous as you it seems! I guess its because we can compare each of our births and we know how painful it is and we know what to expect. I myself am quite nervous and ready for it to be over with at the same time lol I'm sure you will do just fine hun, just remember to do your kegels and bring stuff that brings you comfort :)
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  • thank you. I am glad i am not the only one b/c my husband probably thinks i am crazy. each experience is different and i definitely know how the pain is. The last one was so fast, it made it more painful because everything was quicker. I talked to my doctor on friday about inducing but she told me that will not affect epidural and if it works or not... do you plan on having epidural or going natural? did you have an epidural with any of the other one?
  • GL!
    May you always have in your arms the one who is in your heart.
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  • Good Luck!
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