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Clarksville Area?

I am currently 37 weeks today. I am curious if anyone is using or has used Dr. Hamre at Premier.  Can anyone give any insight to your experience with him? Some reviews I've read late in my pregnancy are not very flattering to him. He is almost insistent that I will need a C-section due to the estimated size of my baby from ultrasounds.  The few reviews I've found state that this is a common practice for him to want to do this for various reasons.  I've been happy with my care up to this point and just overwhelmed with options now.  I've been told I can transfer my care to Vanderbilt Women's... but they are the ones that recommended Dr. Hamre in the first place. 


Just want whats best for my baby. 

Re: Clarksville Area?

  • Hi! I'm in the Clarksville area but being seen on post so I don't have any help as far as your specific doctor. Although, my doctor is very against c/s and I am too. Is this your first? Seems odd that he is so adamant about a c/s right now. I've heard that many times the ultrasound can be off a few (2) pounds, and women really don't have the "big" baby they're told they will. If you feel uncomfortable, switch. I would. Good luck 
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