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Okay, I'm excited

Ok, I've been happy since I found out I'm pregnant, but even after seeing the heartbeat on the u/s I still don't know if it has REALLY sunk in yet.... at 10 weeks. lol Today at work though, a patient brought in her 2 week old little boy with her to her appointment. She asked me to keep an eye on him while she ran out and got her purse from her car. Oh my goodness, I couldn't help but sit there and stare at him as he slept. He was soo beautiful and soo small! I guess it's been a long while since I've been around a baby THAT new. I cannot believe I'm going to have one of those soon!!! And because of my crazy hormones, I got a little emotional after she left just because I'm soo happy to get to become a mom. :)

That's all. Just yay! hehe

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