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Which breast pump do you like best?!

I have no clue what I am shopping for here so please help!  Thanks Big Smile

After 6 long years of TTC and a traumatic birth... I finally got to hold my baby in my arms!

'Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.'Psalm 37:4

2006 start TTC

2007 Start w/ RE (Endo and MFI previous marriage)/ 2008 Vericocele surgery/3 clomid cycles
2009 Lap removed stage III endo/ 2 failed IUI/ Divorce

2011 Remarried
October 2011 Dx: Endo & DOR/ November 2011- clomid & TI cycle
January 2012 IVF~  Flare protocol 10 ER/ 9 mature fertilized with ICSI/ ET- 2 Grade A Blasts/ 4 frozen= BFN
Febuary 2012- -Endo Biopsy/  MTHFR diagnosis
March 8- FET 2 grade A blasts= BFP!!!!

November 2012-  Charles was born by emergency C-Section

Dealing with:
Stage III Endo/ DOR/ MTHFR two mutations C677T & A1298C

Currently TTC #2  FET planned January 2014

Re: Which breast pump do you like best?!

  • I loved my Medela Pump In Style Advanced.  It worked great, and I was even able to sell after I was done with it.
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  • I have the Medela freestyle. It's cordless so I'm not tied down when pumping.  Never tried another.

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  • I liked my medela pump in style but I would recommend renting one at first.

  • Medela Pump In Style Advanced - worked great, the only one I bought.

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  • ditto on medela pump n style.  Going to use it with the 3rd:)
  • Loved my Medila PISA. I exclusively pumped for about 10 months. (Yes, that is a LOT of pumping.)

     Make it handsfree with a bustier like this one.

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  • Another vote for medela pump in style advanced. And ditto the hands free bra if you plan in pumping a lot.
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  • Medela is a great brand, and their customer service is really helpful.  I think if you go on their website, they have a guide to help you choose the best one for your circumstances.  If you're going back to work and pumping frequently, you definitely need a double electric, which both the PISA and the Freestyle are.  I got the Freestyle, because at the time, I was traveling for work frequently and I liked the rechargeable battery feature.  The handsfree can be useful, but there are bras that can make any pump handsfree (although you can't walk around with most, because they'll be plugged into the wall).  

    Also, check with your insurance company to see if they cover part or all of the cost, some do and many women don't know to ask. 

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  • I have the Medela Pump In Style Advanced and have had no problems, I've used it for both babies.  I just invested in a hands free bra, and omg, so liberating!  Can't believe I've gone so long without one!  I used my flex acct.  $ to purchase the pump.
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  • Medela Pump in Style!
  • The hands free bra is a must---a lactation consultant in the hospital told me to take an old sports bra and cut a slit in each one and that worked like a charm.
  • I loved my Medela Freestyle.  It is cordless and comes with hands-free attachments so you can make any nursing bra and hands-free bra.  That was a big plus for me.  I know lots of people love the Medela PISA, too.  Check out the comparison on their website.
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  • I had the Ameda Purely Yours and had no complaints.  






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