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I know you have been struggling with an aweful head cold like me for the past little bit, and I was curious if you have used a neti pot yet?  if so, how have you found it??  I find it helps for a bit, but then I am all clogged up again.   
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  • I use it too! I kinda hate it, but studies show that such things really help, so I use it. I'm with you: it helps for a while, then the clogging. I also find that I usually spend a few hours with water randomly running out of my nose, so I don't do it too  close to bedtime. Does that happen to you as well?
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  • Yes!!  I used it right before bed last night, and I had salty water running down my throat half the night!  My GP swears by them, and as disgusting as they are, they seem to clear the crud out.

    On a somewhat unrelated note, I was using it last night, and my 3 y/o was standing on his little stool watching (gross, but he's a boy) and the whole time he was chanting "boogies, boogies, boogies."

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