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Dylan Thomas is here! 7/13/12 Birth Story! :)

So, I went in with contractions, and they were there but not doing much. So they broke my water to get things moving. I was stuck at 4cm for 6 hours!!! I tried walking, bouncing on the ball...everything I could! So, I had to get the pitocin, which I tried sooo hard not to do! Well, then I got the fun BACK LABOR :( I was in tears, crying, screaming and TOTALLY not myself. I told DH that I wanted the epidural. He questioned me a few times because I told him to tell me that it wasnt what I wanted but with the pitocin making contractions closer together and sooo much more intense, I couldnt do it. Once I got that, life was good. DH and I both took a nap and I woke up to some pressure. Then MORE pressure...to where I was moaning again. She checked and I was at 10cm!! :) I pushed for 25 minutes and when that baby came right out, he started doing the sweetest cry ever!!! We didnt know what the sex was which felt like FOREVER because she had him on his belly for a bit! lol I kept asking DH, what is it? What is it???? lol He said "OMG, its a boy!!!!" I bawled my eyes out and held my sweet lil Dylan! Then I looked at DH and siad "I told you it was a boy!" ;) lol (He told me that I was going to be shocked because he swore up and down that it was a girl!) Now, in the middle of all of this I got some kinda of an infection (Corio?) and my fever spiked to 103, because of this, I was put on antibitotics and started to take tylenol to get it down. Dylan hasnt had a fever and has been perfect but just to be on the safe side, he has to be in the NICU for 48 hours to be monitored. They have a lil IV in him pushing through some antibiotics as well, which is sooo sad to see. But everytime that boy cries, I say "Hi my baby boy!" And he literally stops every time! :) AHHH IM SOOO IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Re: Dylan Thomas is here! 7/13/12 Birth Story! :)

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    Aww! I can't wait for pictures!

    And I like your story because it didn't completely freak me out :) I am such a wimp..... 

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    Congratulations!! I am honestly so glad to hear someone else was screaming, crying and totally not themselves.  I apologized to my doctor and nurses a million times afterwards, I was so embarrassed! :)
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    Aw, what a story! Congratulations on your baby boy! Best wishes to a speedy recovery.
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    Congrats on your little Dylan!! :)

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    Congrats on your little man!
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    Congrats!!! Glad to hear you are so blissfully in love with your little man:-)
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