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If you won't be going back to work after leave

Does your work already know - or will they know?

I am not sure if I should tell my work that I won't be coming back after leave.... I feel like it would jeopardize my job if I did. I know that my boss isn't a fan of me and would like me gone now, but FMLA covers my heiny! Whew!

Also, I have heard that if you don't come back for at least one shift after leave is over, you don't receive your health benefits, they consider it stopped the day you left - is this true? 

Maybe it's to soon to ask this for 1st tri? 

Re: If you won't be going back to work after leave

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    Does your work know you are pregnant?

    I am going back to work, but as soon as I told my boss, I was asked if I would be coming back, so you might get asked.

    I don't know about your other questions. 

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    I didn't return to work after my leave with my first pregnancy. However, I switched to my husbands insurance before I left. It's true that they can take back premiums that they paid on your behalf. It really depends on the company. They can also take back any paid time off that they paid you that wasn't technically "earned". My company ended up being very understanding (and kind of suspected I wasn't coming back). They didn't take back any PTO (actually gave me a few holidays that happened during my leave). I didn't have to worry about the insurance part, and my short-term disability was not affected either. Before I left I did a LOT of research on our company policy. Everything worked out fine.

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    I think I would wait. We always thought that I would stay home from day one....but in the 10th month of my mat leave, the company that my husband worked for downsized! It was shocking. I ended up going back for one year and he became Mr Mom.  I'm at home finally, but we never could have guessed that we would have needed to do that!
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    I guess I should have said that I plan on going back - but only for a few months, I wont be ditching them on the 2nd day back or anything like that, and I would stay if I could be part time. Two kids in daycare with my salary isn't feesable at all unfortunately. They know I'm pregnant, but have avoided any conversations about it - even when I try to bring it up, it's really weird. I was off all of last week due to being put on bed rest, all they asked for was a doctors note if i could get it. Like I said, weird, huh?
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    I am not telling my work I am not coming back. I MIGHT come back for 2 weeks or so but I am still unsure. I wont be able to be vested in my work for my 401k until mid Oct which will be right in the middle of my maternity leave so I am afraid of telling them beforehand in case they want to try to fire me before I go on maternity leave. You're healthy benefits end whenever you quit. So even if you come back for one day as soon as you quit you should lose them. At least that's how its always been for me and wherever I worked.
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    As far as benefits go it's going to depend on company policy, but yes, once you quit your benefits will usually terminate on your last day worked.  I too am in the finding it unethical camp to take advantage of mat leave/STD if you know you're not coming back, but I realize opinions vary.  Also keep in mind, it will vary by company policy as far as requirements for returning to work.  Some companies have policies that say you have to return to work for X amount of time after taking leave or you have to pay them back so definitely look into it.  This should all be in your company handbook, but your HR person will be able to explain it to you as well. 

    I left my job when I had DS and I probably told them about 2 months or so before I left.  I had a good relationship with my boss though and worked for a smaller company (not super small, but my department was pretty small and I had some specialized skills) so I wanted to give them adequate notice that they needed to replace me or work out the workload distribution.  I officially put in my notice to HR at the normal 2 week time though.  

    Personally, I wouldn't tell them this early because you have a lot of time until you leave.  You really don't owe them anymore than the standard 2 weeks, but I would definitely give them at least that and possibly more depending on your own situation.


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    My opinion is I would not tell them you do not intend to return, especially if you believe your boss will find a way to get rid of you as opposed to covering your FMLA. He can't axe you for maternity leave but reality is bosses always find another way. I would go back for one shift after leave and then put in your notice so that everything is covered.
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    I wasn't planning on returning after my first (I did for a week).  I used PTO that I had already earned and that was the only pay I got during that leave.  I paid for my medical insurance OOP during my leave as well.  If you are getting a paid maternity leave (beyond PTO based on previous hours worked) or your company is paying for your benefits while you are off you could end up in trouble by not returning.
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    It's incredibly unprofessional to do this, and if you ever plan to work again, rethink. It's one thing to be planning to go back, tell work, then change your mind on maternity leave. I get that. But to be deliberately dishonest? No.

    And yes, there are many companies that will have you pay back pay and health benefits if you don't follow your contract,

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    I would find out all your work's policies, covering all scenarios.  Honestly I know this is unpopular but I would always tell them you plan on coming back. 

    You really have no idea how you will feel/ how your situation may be until the baby arrives, so you need to look out for your family first.  Unfortunately, your company would not take into consideration your personal situation if they needed to make cuts or lay offs, so I personally feel you should always look out for number one.

    I know people will disagree and they have valid points, but that is how I feel, especially when you have a family to look out for. 

    I waited until I was on my short term disability to decide and once I made the decision I scheduled a meeting with my manager and put in a month's notice. Which is more than they would have gotten if I had found another job.  She was more than okay with it and they even threw me some contract work afterwards and I still have monthly lunches with her and my coworkers.  I do understand everyone's situation is different though.

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    I was thinking of telling them at the last minute so that they dont fire me before leave and mess up my coverage through insurance. I mean they have atleast 6 weeks to find someone to replace you while youre gone...
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