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Does anyone else...

...have heartburn so bad that it is making you nauseous?  I don't remember it be THIS bad with DD.  Man, oh man!

Re: Does anyone else...

  • I have an ultrasound on Monday and then I see my OB the following Monday.  I think if it persists I may ask him about it.  Maybe I can get the goods also!  I just know that I have hairy babies (full head of hair that never falls out) that I just don't see any relief in my future.  This heartburn is really my only pregnancy complaint though.
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    zantac is OTC, go get some now!

    OOO!  I may make DH pick some up on his way home!  Maybe I can actually enjoy dinner now!

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  • I've been taking one Zantac in the morning and one at night since about week 18 because I had so much acid that it was making me sick. The Zantac helped tremendously- pick some up tonight!
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  • I've been living on Tums but maybe I'll come over to the other side.
  • TUMS didn't work for me, I've been taking Zantac as well since 20 weeks, world of difference.  I can actually eat real food other than cereal and milk 24/7.
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  • I had acid reflux before I got pregnant, but it's just worse now. I've learned I can't drink carbonated drinks, and sweets make it worse too..among other things. I keep a bottle of Tums in my nightstand and one downstairs and just tell myself that me and the baby have a ridiculous supply of calcium coming in.
  • Get thee some Zantac or Pepcid AC, pop one in the morning, and you will be a whole new person!
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  • I am on the Zantac as well.  I am up to two a day.  My life is much improved but I still have flair ups triggered by bending over and changing postions while sleeping.  I have had it since I found out I was pregnant, but it has gotten really bad over the last few weeks.
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  • I went out last night and got some Zantac. I Definitely slept better last night! Thanks, Ladies!
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