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Follow your gut always

I had a feeling my DD had a UTI but when we went to urgent care last weekend, all came back clear.  I followed up with my peds office on Monday but my ped was out of the office until Wed.  The ped that handled my call on Monday basically gave me the "wait and see" answer and I was not satisfied so I asked that my ped call me back on Wed when she was in.  She called and after we spoke, she wanted more tests run - we did a 1st thing in the morning urine test yesterday and the ped called me today - DD has a UTI!  Not that I'm happy that my gut was right that it was not a wait and see thing that would go away on its own but I am happy that I followed what my gut was telling me and stayed on top of the peds.  There is a reason I love my ped - she doesn't just brush aside a parent when they say they feel there is something going on.  We talked through a few options and had started my DD on some fiber (MIralax type stuff) to make sure it wasn't constipetation related although DD has never had this issue.
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Re: Follow your gut always

  • With DD, I've always intuitively known when she was sick. The daycare would trip out because I'd call and ask how she was doing...and everytime, they were preparing to call me come get her. 
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    Yep!  I have to say, I haven't hesitated to get a 2nd opinion or consult a specialist when I feel it was warranted.  9 times out of 10 I was right.

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  • Mom always knows best! Hope it clears up fast.
  • Go mama go.  My pediatrician admitted to me once that she rolled her eyes when I brought in my LO because he "looked weird".  Once she saw him she agreed that he did look weird and ran some test -- guess what -- he was sick.  Always go with you gut.

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