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My mouth is so dry driving me bananas!!!

Ack!  Its so bad I went to the grocery store at midnight to buy popsicles and that mouthwash for dry mouth (which by the way did nothing).  No matter how much I drink, or how much ice I suck on its dry as the Sahara.  I also have this really awful taste in my mouth all the time.  Is anyone else experiencing this?  I sure hope its not gestational diabetes--I don't have any of the risk factors except I'm over 25.

Re: My mouth is so dry driving me bananas!!!

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    I had a metalic taste a few weeks ago. It tasted as if I had sucked on a penny- yuck! I buy ginger candy at the chinese market - its worked. But now  I don't have that nasty metal taste Thank goodness! 
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    My mouth is super dry in the mornings when I wake up. I have to drink literally an entire bottle of water right away. I have experienced weird tastes in my mouth if I go too long in between meals usually. Did you try eating some fruits that have high water content? Like watermelon. That seemed to help me.
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    I have super dry mouth at night when I'm trying to sleep. I had it with DS too, which was a perfectly normal pregnancy, so I think it's normal.

    Totally sucks though!

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    weird you ususally produce more saliva rather than dry mouth.  Are you on any meds or anything?  that would happen to me when i was on prednisone.

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    ...Did you say "bananas"?  Yum! 

    (this is the only thing I've actually craved with any of my pregnancies including this one haha).

    Someone once told me that dry-mouth can sometimes be a sign that you aren't drinking enough water (first sign of dehydration?) Just something to think about.

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    I also have been waking up with a super dry mouth in the morning. It's really annoying. I think I am sleeping with my mouth open so that doesn't help. Last night I made my self drink water when I woke up and that seemed to help a bit.
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    I feel for you as I am in the exact same boat! It has gotten a little better over the last week. My doctor said it's ok and advised to suck on a hard candy or chew gum and of course drink plenty of water. I was concerned bc I kept reading other posts of how other women were having "wattery mouth". Your not alone and this def. isnt fun, but try these out and see how it works! 
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