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Rash on belly, but not itching

I'm 11 weeks now and I started developing a rash on my belly. It's some small fine bumps on the sides of my belly. They don't itch though.. is this a development of stretch marks? Should i be worried? 

Re: Rash on belly, but not itching

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    I don't think it is stretch marks, but it might be your body reacting to your rising and falling hormones. I know with my first and now this pregnancy I got a rash. Both times they were different, and both times, there really wasn't an explanation at the time for them other than hormone changes. 
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    sesigssesigs member
    I have a similar thing right now on my belly. My doctor said it was fine, that it will probably just go away on its own and not to worry about it unless it is super itchy or starts to hurt - then I might need a cream or something. I don't think it is stretch mark related and unfortunately with most skin issues it can be hard to pinpoint the cause. 
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