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I don't really understand my obsession with fruits and veggies at lunch time, but it's definitely there. So yesterday after work there was a farmers market all set up right outside. I'm trying to have tunnel vision, just get to my car and go home. Instead I see a stand for fresh blueberries and I can't help myself. I go to my car grab my purse and head back to the stand. I'm expecting to buy some blueberries for like $5 and go. But no these blueberries come only in 5 lb. and 10 lb. boxes for $25 or $50. Of course I should scoff at this cause who needs that many blueberries? But I want them so badly I grab the 5 lb. box pay and run. I immediately open the box and begin stuffing my face with them. I have the feeling after I get home from work today half the box is going to be gone.

Anyone else having things like this happen where you just don't care how much things cost or how much of something you get you just have to have it? I never would have done this in the past. Pregnancy is making me nuts with food!! 

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    Haha. This is awesome! Hey, at least it was blueberries and not (insert something fatty/sugary that I'm SURE I haven't eaten...lol). I have really been craving fruit a lot too. Which I love since it's so healthy. And the stands are the best cause you know they're fresh and local. And blueberries help with digestion too ;) 

    Enjoy every bite! 

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    I was thinking the same thing as PP.  At least it was blueberries.  I told DH we needed a bigger grocery budget, because I'm just so picky right now...and lazy.  So cost is my last concern.  I figure it's only 5 more weeks of this crazy. 
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    Ugh, blueberries actually make me gag now. I wish they didn't but it's something about the texture that I just can't eat them. That's awesome that you want them though because they are healthy!
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    I am a total fruit junkie right now.  I'm currently on bed rest, but my husband stops at a small, local produce stand every night to replenish my fruit supplies.  Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and cherries are my top obsessions.

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    with DD, I had total fruit cravings. . .it was different every week, but very strong! This time around, I wish that was the case--instead, I want sweets!!
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    Just a tip - blueberries freeze really well if you don't eat the whole box ... you put them on a cookie sheet in a single layer in your freezer overnight.  Then once frozen empty them into a freezer bag.  I always take a handful out of the bag every morning and defrost them in my hot oatmeal.
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