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Birthing Center Experience

Hello ladies!  I was wondering if any of you had experience with birthing centers?  This is our second baby and we are wanting to go natural this time and use a birthing center in our area.  With my first baby, our hospital was wonderful, but I hate having to be hooked up to IV's and having pitocin unless it is absolutely necessary.  There is something calming to me about the idea of the birth center and having midwives who will encourage other pain relief besides an epidural.  What are your experiences and stories?  Thanks :)


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Re: Birthing Center Experience

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    I gave birth with a midwife in a super baby-friendly hospital.  My 1st was un-medicated, and I used Hypnobabies techniques.  I loved it, and I am completely devoted to Hypnobabies.  I didn't have an IV (no hep lock either).  The fact that you're using a midwife will reduce your interventions dramatically!  

    This time, I am actually looking into a home birth.  

    I would also recommend a doula, ours was familiar with Hypnobabies she was our teacher, so that was super helpful!  


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    We just did our first visit with our midwife at her birthing center. We were back and forth between going back to our OB and doing a midwife, this is our second. H was uncomfortable with birthing at home, so that wasn't an option. Once I started to talk to different midwives and visit their facilities it was set in stone. I didn't want anything else.

    I want little intervention this time around and I want someone who will encourage me to do whats best for my body and the natural feeling of giving birth.

     No experience yet, but just wanted to let you know how our little journey is going so far. If I was you I would schedule appointmenst and visit different ones. Get a feel for if this is something you really want. You will know once you are talking to them what it is you need and want. Plus my midwife is so comforting that I just feel at home when I am there.


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    I'm hoping for more responses because I am in the same boat as you!  I also had a great hospital experience with the exception of a few things....I hated being hooked up to the fetal monitoring, even the wireless one! It kept falling down and they scolded me because it wouldn't stay around my belly.  Another reason?  I probably had 5 or 6 extraneous spectators in my room while I was pushing when my birth plan specifically said - "no interns or students."  One more thing - they prepped me for an IV I didn't even need and butchered my arm in the process.  I told them I wasn't getting an epidural and I meant it!  But they still poked me with the needle.  This time - I'm avoiding all that nonsense by going to a birth center.  I know, I did say it was a "great" hospital experience, by that I meant everyone was over the top nice and very responsive to my needs after birth.  But I don't want to deal with all the interventions this time.  We are attending orientation at the only birth center in my city next Tuesday (I can't wait) and then my first appointment is 7/23 after I'm 12 weeks!  I think I'm the only one who hasn't had the 1st appt. yet.
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