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At Home Doppler

I wasn't going to get an at home doppler, but after reading some posts from the other ladies on here I decided to go ahead and buy one.  I got it yesterday and I have to say, its amazing.  I sat there listening to a beautiful, strong heartbeat at 162 beats/min.  One word of caution if you're going to get one though - make sure that you're listening to the correct thing.  I started by listening to what I thought was a heartbeat that was very, very slow - 125 beats/min.  It was pretty faint, so I think I was in the wrong spot, but it freaked me out for a minute that the LO's heart wasn't developing (at my u/s at 6w4days the heart rate was 121).  However, after I moved the wand a bit I heard a much stronger, much faster heartbeat.  So much fun!  I just hope I can keep myself from trying to listen all the time.  

Has anyone else bought a doppler?  What do you think?   

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Re: At Home Doppler

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    I had one from my first pregnancy and started hearing this LO on 6/29.  I love that I can listen any time I want.  It is becoming easier to find this little gummie's heartbeat now!
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    I have one from my first pregnancy too, but so far I haven't been able to find this LO's and it's freaking me out. My next appt is on the 19th and I can't wait for it so they can hopefully find it or maybe do an ultrasound to confirm all is well with LO.
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    I also have one from DD but haven't been able to find this one's hb yet. I'm only 8w4d, though, and yesterday's u/s confirmed that everything looks great. Hopefully I'll be able to hear it starting sometime next week. With DD I limited myself to listening once a week, and that's my plan with this one, too.

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    I have one and love it.  I listened with DD twice a week and couldn't get enough.  It really put me at ease and I found it at 10 weeks when my OB the exact same day couldn't with his doppler.  Thank god he put me at ease by doing an u/s, but that night DH was sooo upset that he missed an u/s.  We got the doppler in the mail and I said what the heck lets try and we found it almost immediately.  I plan on trying to find this one at 9 weeks.
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    What doppler did u buy? I am looking into buying one from amazin but all the reviews have made me weary.
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    I ordered the Sonoline B off eBay after hearing it about it on this board last week.  It should arrive today!  It's been a hard week health-wise, so it will be a nice reward to hear the HB.
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