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Can I just say that I wish my in-laws weren't?

How do you ladies who don't get along with your in-laws handle it?  We've been married for nearly 12 years and every day, I feel like I want to pull my eyelashes out.   

I have had it with my in-laws.  All of them.  My MIL is not a nice person.  She always says rude/mean things.  My FIL is a misogynistic jerk, who I work for (and I'm seriously thinking of quitting). My SIL walked right past me today and didn't even respond to my hello.  My BIL is flaky and gets under my skin. 

There are so many times when I want to tell them all to eff off.  But I don't.  Because I love my husband.  I often wonder how in the hell he came from that family.

Can I also just say that NONE of them, not one, has ever offered or asked to watch DS for even a short amount of time?  That's not even the issue, though.  It's everything else. 

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Re: Can I just say that I wish my in-laws weren't?

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    I know exactly where you are coming from! My in laws act like teenagers and always ask for money! My husband is always trying to be a dad to his teenage brother and sister because his parents just aren't so we have to take them on all of our family vacations which drives me insane and then I fell guilty because we have our own family now! I actually went off on them before it felt pretty good! 
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    That sucks I am sorry! My inlaws aren't too bad, but of course there are things that get on my nerves. We live out of state, and I really love it. Seeing them in short doses are best for me!

    This, absolutely. Although for me it only applies to my MIL. I get along well with the rest of his family, and do with MIL as well, as long as I don't have to be around her for more than 2-3 days (if we stay on a weekend).

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    My inlaws aren't that bad, but they sure can be annoying at times.  Thankfully  we live about 30 miles apart so it's not like I have to deal with them on a daily basis.  Good luck!
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    My FIL isnt bad, my MIL is an alcoholic with other mental issues.  She caused a scene at my bridal shower and Shaun didnt let her come to the wedding.  I could go on ALL day about her but i wont lol.  I love the rest of his family though, its literally just her that i dont like.

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    I ask myself the same question... where the hell did my DH come from?  my MIL is hideous... selfish.. the list goes on.. my FIL CAN be very nice and funny and I do get along with him.  My DH and him have a contracting business together and they just butt heads which puts a strain on their relationship.  Does your hubby know how they are?  I am lucky that my DH knows that his mom is useless and his dad can be a prick.  I learned the best thing you can do is try to ignore them and just try not to let it bother you.. its hard but good luck!
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    I am so lucky to have such great in-laws, probably the last thing you want to hear. DH and I are actually moving into a house across the street from them. BUT, my SIL is BSC. Everyone in the family has issues with her. She was always nice to me until she called my DH 6 weeks before our wedding and told him that she couldn't get the dressed shipped in on time and that she was not going to be able to be apart of the wedding party. They got in an argument, and SIL told DH, "Call the company if you don't believe me," so I called. They had no record of her going in to any of the locations in the state. Everything turned out fine and I was able to ask one of my good friends I originally wanted in my party, but still. Why lie about it? Just tell me that you don't want to be in the wedding...
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    DH ended up sticking up for me and him and told them that if they weren't going to be nice then we didn't want them in our lives - we haven't talked to them or seen them since.  Extreme - I know. 

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    mjr12mjr12 member

    Thank you all!  I don't know what to do.  DH knows what they have done, and how terribly selfish they are.  I just feel bad sometimes complaining to him, because I know that it does bother him.  He chewed his mother out for going to their vacation home the weekend of our son's 1st birthday.  He was so upset that they missed their only grandchild's first birthday . . . He's just too nice, and too shy to really say how he feels the majority of the time, just like me. 

    I'm at a loss, and I think the real thing that's getting to me is work,  The other stuff is icing on the cake.  After 12 years, I am just so fed up. Thank you for "listening"! 

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    I hope your hubby supports you and that he is a good enough husband to stand up to his family when you really need it. If there is any way to get out of your job I would go for it! Find something to give you a little distance so that you don't have to have it put in your face every single day. That will make things a little easier. At least you two have each other to complain about it with!
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    My DH and I have had a lot of problems with his family, mostly my MIL and SIL, since we started planning our wedding three years ago.  By the time the wedding came around, our relationships were really strained and I was suffering so much anxiety over their bad behavior.  DH has always fully supported me and the decisions we make together, but I will always walk on eggshells around them because I never know when drama is going to blow up again.  
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    Mash67Mash67 member
    My Inlaws are Nuts.. DH moved out at 16.  We don't associate with them at all.  It's been almost 2 years since we saw them, and that was at a funeral... and obviously not by choice.  It was like the fricken paparazzi... it drove me insane, ohh we havent called you in years but we want to take pics of you like we actually care what the 3 of you are up to... UGH!   Two years prior to that at DS 2nd birthday, they stopped by, and actually were asking which one is Tyler!! I lost it!  Needless to say they will not know about this pregnancy, unless one of his aunts on FB sees it and tells them.
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