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Poll: How are your boobs PP?

Mine are worse *sob* they totally deflated after BFing DS1 for a year, now after feeding time they look pretty dismal already and it's only been 3 months.  Waah I used to have great boobs:(
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Re: Poll: How are your boobs PP?

  • I only nursed Edie for a short amount of time and Adeline was FF since we left the hospital. 

    I think it's pregnancy, not nursing, that makes even huge boobies into flat pancakes.


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  • They are bigger by 2 cups sizes and a band size. But because of the constant fluctuation of size between pregnancy, milk coming in, and by the time my supply regulated I gained a million stretchmarks. They are the teeny iridescent ones, but still, they are covered! I also have a few super deep purple ones underneath. *shrug* I don't really care, DH is a butt man anyways Stick out tongue

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  • I voted worse but I bet it is a matter of opinion. They are bigger, but from breastfeeding they have little stretchmarks under them now. I'm sure they won't be as perky when I'm done.
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  • DH came across a nekid pic of me when we were in Hawaii in 2008 and I almost started crying at how pretty my boobs were back then.  Sigh.
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  • I've gone from pregnant to breastfeeding, to pregnant AND breastfeeding, to just pregnant and then to breastfeeding again, so I have no idea what they will look like after all is said and done, but I did not get any stretch marks or anything. I'm sure they will be saggy though - esp after 1 or 2 more pregnancies and those years of breastfeeding.
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  • image jkfranklin:
    DH came across a nekid pic of me when we were in Hawaii in 2008 and I almost started crying at how pretty my boobs were back then.  Sigh.

    Ooooo secksy picture!!!!

    Mine are the same. I'm afraid to start losing weight because they will get so bad.  

    i wish i could be joking but my dad is the music teacher at a church so he owuld be mad. we had sex, all the time how bad i know but we dont want to wait and he said GREAT OH KAY! and I was really feeling the wets? down there- too embarsed to say- but he acted like man.
  • I voted better but I'm sure when I stop BFing they won't be too pretty.
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  • I said better, but I changed my mind. Really SS. They're bigger, but they aren't so perky. I feel like they're softer, but that may just be in comparison to being filled with milk
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  • Way worse! They pretty much point to the floor already! :(
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  • I said better, because oddly, minus the stretchmarks, I like the shape of my boobs better now. Not the size, but the actual shape. Before I got pregnant I had pointy boobs, not like perky so much, as they were shaped kinda like Barbie's. Barbie's boobs just aren't that natural looking, are they? My boobs now have that kind of weighted rounded look on the bottom that most women have normally, so I like 'em.
  • Worse

    More of them, but a little saggy.  If I could choose I'd pick the smaller, perky boobs.

    ETA: Even better than my pre-preg small perky boobs, I would LOVE my pregnancy boobs from LO #1.  Perky AND a size bigger.

  • I'm now a full DD, which is nice, but......they def sag more than before.  I can't wait to wear a normal bra again....Victoria's secret HERE I COME (well, in a few months!).   Hubby loves the new free temp boob job....but I'm afraid they won't stay this big after I'm done BFing.
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  • eav2ceav2c member
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    Welllllll I barely had A's so for now I have pretty stellar boobs. However I'm sure they will fall flat and boring when all is said and done.
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  • The ones who say better, I'm just thinking... wait til your milk dries up. Haha!
  • worse! I was never a huge fan of mine to begin with, but now I'm definitely fantasizing about a breast lift someday in the future...

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  • I'm sure it's different for FF and BF mamas at this point. I dried up one week PP. My boobs have gone down to the size they were before (B cup), but they're not nearly as firm as they were. There are still some stretch marks on the undersides, but they are slowly fading. The thing that bothers me is my nipples didn't go all the way back down to their normal size, but at least they are back to their normal color. Having brown nips was weird.


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  • My right one is better than my left. The left is pretty saggy.
  • I'm nursing and they're DD and I HATE THEM with an insane passion :(
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  • Mine were awesome when I was breastfeeding. I felt like I got so much attention when I went out in public. lol. It was the one thing I enjoyed about bf-ing. Man, I'm so vain.
  • They were looking pretty good for a while. Now they are kind of saggy. I hope it isn't all downhill from here for them.


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  • Oh, they are awful.

    They hardly grew at all when I was pregnant (started at as a small B) and when my milk came in I went to a DD almost overnight and got horrible red stretch marks all over them.  It looks like a tiger clawed my boobs.

    Now they are starting to sag, too.  Yes, they're bigger... but they are definitely not better.

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