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I caved...

And decided to finally sign up for the childbirth weekend workshop.  I talked to my docotor about it today and how I planned on not taking it since I am taking some other classes and he talked me into it.  I am looking forward to it (minus the videos).   Oh and on another topic, my doc informed me today that he is leaving for Ireland for ten days on September 8th. I am due the 12th. When I was considering switching doc's in the begining because of location he talked me into staying because I would be guranteed for him to deliver since he wouldn't be going anywhere in September....I guess he forgot about that lol. Doesn't he know he should plan his life around my baby?? Just kidding, although I will be super bummed if he is not the one to deliver, but it is what it is. 
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Re: I caved...

  • I kinda know how you feel... My Dr just went out on emergency medical leave! Im super sad but they have NO IDEA when he will be back they say by September but they giving me to all these random drs and the one i had last week was TERRIBLE! but I still haven't given in to classes we are doing CPR class but that is because I have to so i am making H do it with me so he gets the infant part!!!
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