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Maple Grove Hospital Opinions?

I'm planning on delivering at the new MG Hospital...anyone have opinions ratings of the place?  What's awesome about it etc?  I've looked at the website, but it's pretty dry. 



Re: Maple Grove Hospital Opinions?

  • I don't know, but that is where I will be delivering in August.  I go to North Clinic and they gave me the option of delivering at North Memorial in Robbinsdale or Maple Grove.  The nurse flat out told me to go to Maple Grove because it's much nicer.  I figured, if the nurse says so, then that's where I'll go.  I have not been in the hospital yet, but i know that the clinics next door are very nice.
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  • I've heard NOTHING but good things about it!!!!!
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  • I have heard the opposite abut MG.


    Yes, the facilities are wonderful but the few ladies that I know that have delivered there have been less than impressed with the staff. 

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    I delivered at MG and it has all the bells and whisles but some of the staff aren't the greatest. One nurse I had REALLY gave me a hard time about breastfeeding. I was having trouble getting the hang of it and thought about quiting and she just couldn't understand why. I wasn't a real fan of the doctor that delivered either. Since they have 6 doctors that routate you most likely wont get "your" doctor.  

     BUt I also had great nurses and the Lactation nurse was great too.

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  • I delivered my twins there in January and had a WONDERFUL experience!  From the moment we walked in the door the staff was warm and welcoming.  Even the food was surprisingly good.  It was more like delivering my babies at a hotel vs. a hospital.  I highly recommend it to all my friends and family who are expecting.  Big Smile
  • I delivered my first there, right after they opened. While it was nice and new, it was hard to apperciate all of that during a grueling 48 hour induction from hell. The staff was good, but not amazing. The food was okay, but not amazing. We did our birthing class there and got the grand tour. I was totally excited for it, but after labor, I could care less.  We actually did end up going to Robbinsdale for a few ultrasounds, and I would agree. Don't deliver there. MG is a fine hospital. Plus there's free parking and the post-partum beds are pretty comfy.

    I delivered my son, via emergency c-section at Fairview Southdale, which I was not looking forward to because I knew it was older and all that stuff, but my new doctor delivered there. I was blown away. I loved it. The entire experience was awesome... besides the pushing for 2 hours and then having a c-section. Big Smile

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  • I just delivered there last Friday (went in Thursday morning for an induction and delivered early Friday AM).  I can't say enough about how impressed we were and we saw several nurses in Labor & Delivery and I was always disppointed when we'd get a new one because I thought they wouldn't live up to the prior nurse but they always did.  I had a pretty tramautic delivery that ended with the Special Care Nursery team having to be present for the birth and my daughter ended up in the Special Care Nursery.  We had a few scary hours and the staff did such a great job keeping me informed while I was still getting taken care of in my room.  While spending time in the Special Care Nursery, the staff was very accommodating to us and so helpful during what was a very stressful time for my husband and I.

     Once we all finally got to the postpartum area late on Friday, I continued to be impressed with all the staff.  I also had quite a few nurses due to some schedule changes and being busy but there was never one I didn't like.  They all made me feel like I was their priority and were very patient with questions and helping us out with anything (one suggested that we use the nursery once between feedings if we wanted to get uninterrupted sleep since we lost a night with the delivery complications).  While I didn't see every nurse that works there, the ones I did see were great.  My visitors even commented on the nice staff!

    I have no complaints with anything there other than I was just ready to get out of there and start our new life at home but that would have happened at any hospital!  I didn't feel like anyone the whole stay pushed any of their opinions on us but listened to us and honored what we wanted to do.

    Feel free to ask me any questions since its all pretty fresh in my mind!! 

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  • Congrats and thanks for the info!  Hope all is well now that you're home.  I live pretty near it, so that's one main reason I want to go there. 

  • I've had several friends deliver there and all said it was great! BUT, they are getting really popular. My friend did the tour, etc and was all set to deliver there last week. Water broke, went in and they said they literally didn't have a single room open so they sent her over to North Memorial in Robbinsdale. She said that the rooms aren't as nice there, but she's been very happy with her care!
  • I was supposed to deliver DD there but my water broke at 33 weeks and they had to send me to Fairview Southdale.  The facilities at Southdale were old and outdated (May 2010) and the food was gross.  However the nurses and NICU nurses were great minus one or two.  I did spend a week there on bed rest.

    I did deliver DS at Maple Grove and really liked it.  The rooms were nice, they has a comfy chair for DH to sleep on and for the most part the nurses were good.  Food was ok.  Nothing spectacular.  When I was there it was really quiet so I liked that.  


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  • I delivered there with my 1st baby and really liked it I didn't really like my doctor but I actually go to anoka/*** rapids womens health clinic, but like pretty much all the staff except one nurse was horriable!!! I am having my 2nd baby here though (at least thats what the plan is)
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