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Anyone's knuckles hurt?

I guess it's related to swelling, but anyone else dealing with stiff or achy knuckles?  The swelling isn't severe or sudden, but since I have my regular OB appointment tomorrow, I'll be asking about it.  Swelling has been tough to manage with the heat and being at a desk all day during the week.  
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Re: Anyone's knuckles hurt?

  • Who/what have you been punching? :)


    But seriously. Probably just some swelling! Hope you feel better soon!


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  • I'm with you.  My fingers and knuckles have been swollen and sore for the past few weeks. It has made doing my experiments at work difficult, I have to take breaks when doing stuff.  I work in a lab and it requires a lot of concentration and fine movements with my hands and fingers.  Hang in there!
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  • Same here. You can talk to your doc about it. I heard some people develop pregnancy related carpel tunnel. I'm hoping this isn't a sign!

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    yep. I'm with you. I think it's just the swelling and thus the joints start hurting.
  • Is it carpal tunnel, maybe? Some women experience that during pregnancy. It can apparently be pretty painful, you should ask your Doc. A friend of mine had to wear wrist braces, etc. because of hers. GL!
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