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scary fall

so on friday i went to the pool that my apartment building owns like i do several times a week. i was talking to my friend who is the lifegaurd and i went to turn around to go into the pool, tripped and lost my footing. i started stumbling and tried to catch myself but i ended up falling on my belly on the cement edge of the pool and then flipping into the water. i came up and was in complete shock and i could feel the pain right away but couldnt register what i needed to do. i managed to get out of the pool. i was bleeding on my belly, knee, foot and hand. i had to go to labor and delivery to be monitored. luckily my little guy was ok. he was a little stressed out at first but he turned out ok. i guess i was six inches from bashing my head on the corner of the pool as well. im really thankful that it wasnt any worse than it was. my body is really sore but as long as he is ok im happy. 

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