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Chicken/Turkey Hot Dogs

Also a no-no? Or are they different from beef hot dogs in this respect?
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Re: Chicken/Turkey Hot Dogs

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    I *think* the issue with hotdgs is the nitrates. My OB didn't seem concerned with that one and ok'd bacon as well. Check the package if you are concerned. Nitrates are basically bad for everyone, it's more of a eating healthy thing, I think. Lucky  for me, both hotdogs and bacon make me want to hurl right now although in my non pregnant life they are a weakness!


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    Suz+MoSuz+Mo member
    I think all hot dogs (beef, pork, chicken, turkey, tofu, etc.) are all okay as long as they are fully cooked.  Same goes for sandwich deli meat....totally okay as long as it's heated to steaming.
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    A lot of healthy grocery stores (trader Joes and whole foods) sell nitrate free hot dogs.  I always crave foods that I wouldn't normally eat :)
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    My son has a massive amount of food allergies and we practically LIVE at Trader Joes.  They sell so much nitrate-free and/or uncured stuff.  That;s what I have been eating.  

    My doctor urged me in my first pregnancy to stay away from processed foods, and that's what we do with my son.  Him & I have been eating very similarly lately lol. 

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