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Spotting? Please come in

And help ease the crazy.  I've been spotting for 2 days now. It's very light and not constant at all. I would say maybe every other time I pee there will be something a little brown when I wipe (TMI, apologies). 

Of course I run to google to search "spotting while pregnant" as fast as my fingers will carry me only to discover millions of m/c horror stories.

Please tell me if I am being crazy? Will be calling the doctor tomorrow regardless but I am debating on going to an ER!

I'm trying to relax and stay off my feet but I'm also trying to help my dad out a lot while my mom is going through hospice. Yesterday I was helping him catch up on yard work and perhaps that was a bad idea... 

Re: Spotting? Please come in

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    I had brown spotting in my first pregnancy and the doctors said it is fine cause it is just old blood.  It is when it is bright red, that you should go to the ER.
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    I've been having it the last few days as well. I wouldn't even call it spotting, I'd call it a spot. It's not in my panties, it happens like once a day, and it's seriously like a very light brown slimy string. As I'm not cramping and it's so light, I'm not worried about it.
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    I already feel a LOT better. Thank you ladies. Dealing with my mom bring sick has brought me to a new level of paranoia. She would be the one I would normally go to and since I can't, it makes me freak out.  

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    I had spotting with my first pregnancy at 13 weeks. Mine was pink streaks when I wiped.  My doctor had me come in for an urgent ultrasound and everything was fine. They couldn't find any reason for it. But it made me feel better that I had it confirmed everything was ok. Be sure to let your doctor know and maybe they will have you come in for an ultrasound to check everything out. GL, I hope everything checks out ok.
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    Suz+MoSuz+Mo member

    I have been spotting for about two weeks and my doctors rule is to call if the spotting is more than just on the TP....so either got on your underwear or in the toilet and she said brown spotting is especially not as alarming, she is more concerned about bright red blood. 

    I would definitely call first thing in the morning because if it continues you may get restrictions like pelvic rest or not exercising for a couple days.

    Either way first trimester bleeding is incredibly common (but totally scary none the less!!!!!! I'm constantly freaked out about it!!!!) 

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