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Crying like a Sap

Last night I watched The Office episode where they found out Pam was pregnant.  Tonight - the wedding episode.  Cried both nights.  At the Office!!! (?!?!)

I never used to be this emotional before my first pregnancy... it hasn't stopped since. 

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Re: Crying like a Sap

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    Just wait until you have your little baby! After I had my first kiddo, I would get weepy at sweet commercials:)
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    I have been tearing up over basically everything. Commercials, songs, stories. It has been bad!
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    I love it! I find myself crying over things I would not normally cry over!! I cried over the Star Spangled Banner on the 4th!
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    Not long after I found out I was pregnant, I found myself weeping at the end of Tangled (Disney's Rapunzel movie), which I've seen a billion times before. 
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    I have always been super sappy, but now it is just silly how I am.  My husband will look at me when there is a slight change in music on a movie or they show I baby, and I crying like a fool.
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    I cried during America's Funniest Home Videos!
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    The Pampers "every baby is a special blessing" commercial gets me every time, as do the Olympics "Thanks, Mom" commercials.
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    I watched A League of Their Own yesterday and balled like a baby at the end.
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    those episodes of the office make me cry w/o being pregnant!
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