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Anyone part of a local TMN site in their area?

I am and the women on there are awesome! Although I haven't been able to get out to many events and playdates (only a few here and there and I've been a member for almost a year! I joined during my pregnancy and now DD is 6 months old), the women on there are great and super supportive!:) My local site is full of mostly very crunchy mamas who are EBFing, BWing, CDing, natural birthing, co sleeping, non vaxing, etc, so at first I felt out of place b/c I am almost none of those things, but it turns out they are super supportive of other types of parenting/mamas as well and they welcomed me with open arms!:) The majority of them are SAHMs too which is great b/c I am, but we also have some working moms and they are welcomed there as well. All around its a great group!:) I highly recommend googling TMN (not sure what the national website url is) and seeing if you have a local group in your area. Its a lot like here, theres a forum and message boards, etc, only its local to your area so you can actually meet all the moms. They have TMN groups nationwide but the headquarters are in Charlotte, so it started out as an NC group initially:)
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