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what's for lunch?

i just ate spanish rice and cheese and blueberries...wow so healthy

i am running out of lunch ideas!

any suggestions!? 

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Re: what's for lunch?

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    I had a grilled cheese and a salad (bagged Dole salad from the store).  That was pretty good.  Oh yeah...I also ate some Doritos...Embarrassed
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    ugh..whatever appeals at this point.  Usually a PB sandwich or some toast or a frozen meal.  i seem to be sick of everything by mid day....boooo
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    today was a pbj on a white bun.   Yesterday all I could stomach was a handful of peanuts a a bite of grilled cheese.  I'm running out of ideas to please my stomach and my picky two year old.
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    I had a giant baked sweet potato....still hungry, but didn't bring anything else. *ugh*
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    I just had fruit, and now im starving so im having some popped corn chips... crazy, they are chips but taste like popped corn... lol as described by their title lol

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    PB sandwich and sun chips. I needed something quick!
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    I'm on dinner and DH brought me a durum kebab (like a gyro type thing in case you don't know).

    Nothing else has sounded good except Domino's pizza which I don't have anywhere near me.  I want pepperoni pizza! 

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    I had 2 bananas.  Wasnt really feeling anything else. And half of a cherry coke.  I have not had soda in well over 6 months, and I dont even like cherry coke, but I wanted one so bad!
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    PB&J9PB&J9 member
    an apple with peanut butter a little bit ago.  Now I'm having some microwave Chinese noodles.
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    I stopped by sonic (because I wanted a sprite with strawberries) and got some chicken strips.  I ended up grabbing a pickle a few minutes ago - for some reason they seem to be the only thing that calms my stomach.

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    I've had about 3 lunches today. I had Lipton noodle soup. Then I decided I wanted a mango, so I ate the whole thing. Just got done snacking on wasabi peas and chocolate little Debbie doughnuts. I'm awful. For some reason, I keep trying to find an excuse to eat mayonnaise. I just want it and we don't have any lunch meat except for salami. I want a good BLT right now. H may have to stop by the store!
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    I took myself out for veggie sushi (avocado and cream cheese) and edamame.  For some reason throughout my all-day sickness the past few days, I've been craving sushi.  I thought it would make me SO sick, but it made me feel better!
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    Beef pot pie and an ice cream sandwich after DS went to sleep so I didn't have to share my dessert Wink

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    I am so glad to hear of others listing grilled cheese and PB/J sandwich as go-to lunch choices that sound palatable.

    I finally felt like I stumbled upon something vaguely healthy and vaguely appealing yesterday.  I had 2% cottage cheese on saltines (would prefer wheat thins, but they don't sound good new), and a cup of tomato and red pepper soup from Trader Joe's.  I'll try to eat a piece of fruit too if I feel up for it.  This may be my lunch for the next week or so.

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