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growing pains?

Pain is probably the wrong word to use, but does anyone else have a feeling in their abdominal area of growing sansation?  The past few days, my belly area has felt....firm and bloated (gas, i'm sure), but it's different than gas....almost like i always ate too much food.

I heard someone on here once mention that they had "7 week growing spurts", and i'm wondering, does this happen through the pregnancy?

Like i said, definitely not in pain, i can just feel something when i'm sitting/bending.

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Re: growing pains?

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    I'm about 7.5 weeks and am feeling the same "fullness" or "pains" you are describing. It seems to be fairly normal.
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    I have definitely been feeling a "full" sort of feeling these past few days. I was way bloated before that so this is something new. It almost feels like my uterus is getting heavy or something. I don't know if this is the same thing you are talking about, but there is definitly a new sensation at around 8 wks for me.

    Yes, that is it exactly! Hard to describe, but definitely not painful... 

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    Congrats to all of you! I completely feel the SAME way! I thought maybe I was just imagining feeling the ways you have all described now that I am aware of the pregnancy. It's really hard to tell what is "normal" being a first timer!! 

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    Your uterus is double in size at this stage! You will definitely feel some symptoms similar to bloating and maybe some minor aches/pains.
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    I feel the same way! 


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    kread8kread8 member

    My stomach muscles seem very sore in weird places, almost a soreness like I did a lot of sit-ups but the soreness is not in the usual places...  And I have the "full" feeling as well most of the time.

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