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I see all of my extended out of town family 7/20 and my doc is checking for a heartbeat for the first time on 7/25!  I really want to tell my family in person but don't want to blow the secret in case I MC. I'll be 12wks along at that time.  I had some light spotting yesterday, but my doc said I should be fine so long as I'm not bleeding heavily or doubled over with pain.  It's already subsided. 

I know it's ultimately my decision, but it's a toughy.  It's a bit of a dilemma...

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    ebwhitebwhit member

    If I were you I would just go for it. The likelihood that something goes wrong is pretty low. The likelihood that it will be amazing and fun to tell your family in person on the other hand....very very good.

     That's just me. 

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    That is a tough decision. DH and I told our parents when I was just 6 wks and hadn't had my first appointment yet. It is our first and I figured if, heaven forbid, anything went wrong I would need my family for emotional support.

    At that point, like PP said, the likelihood of anything going wrong is slim. I think this would be an amazing time to tell your family the exciting news!

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    Suz+MoSuz+Mo member
    I would go for it! By twelve weeks you will be so close the second tri....how fun!
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    Eh.  We are telling Wednesday at 8 weeks.   I don't have an appoinment at all until 10 weeks.  We figured in our nosy family, the news of a miscarriage would leak out anyhow, so if everything goes well, we'll have support and if things don't work out, well, we'll have support then too. :)


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    I think the main thing you should ask yourself is if you'd want your family to know even if something did go wrong. Some people are more comfortable going through that on their own. Personally, I would rather have those I love know about it either way so they can support me. We found out I was pregnant really early so it was so hard to wait. We actually told our parents and siblings at week 5. It's totally a personal decision and there's no wrong answer. 

     Good luck! 

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    We've had a miscarriage before and told early that time and with the current pregnancy. We went with the philosophy of "would you want that person's support if you did have a miscarriage?" If the answer is yes then just tell them. That is, I wouldn't go screaming it from the roof tops but if you miscarry its hard and emotional. You may want to talk to your mother, best friend, etc... but getting that support when they didn't know you were pregnant in the first place is a bit difficult. 
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    Thanks for all the imput!
    Little lady born 2/12/13 :)
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