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OB/Midwife suggestions?

I currently am seeing a midwife, have less than 2 months to go, and want to change to another doctor/midwife. I want a very natural birth. I come from a family of home births, and I would like it to be as similar to a home birth as possible. My midwife has strong opinions and makes me feel uncomfortable with expressing my own wants and opinions. She harps on me for my weight gain every time I go in. I'm SUPER self-conscience about the weight I've gained and feel so ugly. I give myself enough of a hard time, I don't need her getting on my case about it too. But I could handle that if there weren't other issues too. I feel like she's more concerned with telling me what she thinks is best and wants for me, rather than asking what I want, and helping me have the kind of birth experience I want to have.

I would really appreciate any suggestions you can give me. I live in Murray. I planned to deliver at LDS hospital (but am ok with changing that), and have IMC affiliated insurance. 

I'm kind of in a hurry to find someone new since I have such little time before my due date!

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Re: OB/Midwife suggestions?

  • You might have better luck on our Facebook group. Just search for Salt Lake City Babies. These boards are usually pretty dead. But I wish you the best of luck!! (I live in Ogden and my Mid wife left her practice without any notice, so I can't be of any help).
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  • I posted this same question to my blog when we first started trying three years ago and I got an overwhelming response of Dr. Terry and the Cottonwood OBGYN office.  Not sure if you can get into Dr. Terry, but the whole office is fantastic and they are in the IMC building.  I always feel really comfortable going there and really like my experience.  Not sure what their thoughts are on natural (bring on the drugs for me), but they have never pushed their opinion on me.  You may look into a doula instead of a midwife, as they are truly just there for you but don't have to do all the medical stuff.  I have a great doula if you are interested.  :)  Good luck!
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