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I think I o'ed while I was out of town

So I was gone for a work meeting on Thursday and Friday night.  DH and I BD'ed on Thursday am before my flight.  My OPK light up on Friday am and I had O pains Friday afternoon. OPK was negative this am.  I think I O'ed Friday late afternoon.

 I got home today at noon and BD'ed at noon and we are going to again before bed. So I am still giving it the college try still (which that phrase doesn't really work here...since I worked so hard to TTA in college:)

 I am so sad that our timing doesn't look good for this month.

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Re: I think I o'ed while I was out of town

  • Your timing isn't bad-- did you BD at all before Thursday? Most recommendations for fertile time is 3-5 days leading up to O, the day of O, and the day following.

    All you need is one sperm to make it to that egg!


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    Your timing isn't too bad. We conceived our 2 year old son with what I thought was awful timing (BD'd 2 days before ovulation). Also, last October my husband went on a trip Friday - Sunday (Halloween weekend). We BD'ed on Thursday night. Got a smiley face on the digital OPK on Friday afternoon. BFP 2 weeks later. Unfortunately, I miscarried, but just wanted to let you know that BDing 2 - 3 days before ovulation can still put you in the running. I fact, I think that the Shettles method recommends it if you are trying to influence gender (in favor of a girl).  

    Good luck! 

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  • Thanks Ladies.  We BD'ed Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs am, I O'ed Friday afternoon or Sat am.  We BD'ed Sat and Sunday.  Hopefully we get lucky
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