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Two Month Old not eating! Need Help!

I have a 9 week old boy that usually eats 3-4 ounces every 2-3 hours.  The past few days he will show signs of hunger but after drinking a half ounce  to an ounce he will fall asleep.  No matter what I try to keep him awake, he will not eat.  Sometimes he acts as if his tummy hurts and tries to throw his weight backwards. I end up giving in and putting him to bed only for him to wake in an hour showing signs of hunger again or crying in hunger.  I will make him a bottle again only to go thru the same thing....OVER & OVER.  Its been like this for days now & I don't know what to do.  He's been on this formula for over a month so I don't believe he's having a formula issue.  I need help!


Re: Two Month Old not eating! Need Help!

  • I would call the doctor.  My daughter was falling asleep while eating but she was eating more than that and still gaining.  Better safe than sorry.  Best wishes!
  • My son did exactly that at around 6 weeks, but not so much falling asleep just throwing himself back and eating 1 oz at a time. My ped diagnosed it as reflux. We put him on Zantac, which worked for about a week (which from what I have read Is normal) then we switched him to Prevacid. It took approx 3 weeks for the prevacid to begin regulating the stomach acid and now he takes 3-5 oz at a time.

    Good luck, I know it can be frustrating. Get him on Prevacid if you can. 

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  • We had the same problem with my 3 week old son. I would for sure check with your ped because it does sound like what we are currently going through with his reflux.
  • Did he get shots recently? DS just had his 2 month appointment on Thursday afternoon. He got all the shots and hasn't been himself for the last 2 days. He's been sleeping a lot more and had little interest in eating on Friday. Then today he didn't stop eating all day other than when he was sleeping.
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