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H : Similac Checks W: Enfamil

Geesh, seems like every time I try to get in on these they are gone fast, so I am offering mine up. I have 7 5 dollar checks for Similac(three good until December, 4 until November) as well as 2 12 ounce sample powder containers(one sensitive one regular) that I woul send out if you make it worth my while. I would be willing to split these up as I know enfamil checks are hard to come by....

Re: H : Similac Checks W: Enfamil

  • I have 3 $4 and 1 $5 and a can of Enfamil Premium, would you do 4 Similac Checks and the regular sample?
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  • I have 8 oz of Enfamil Newborn powder and 12.5 oz of Enfamil infant powder if you would be willing to trade for 2 similac checks and the sensitive powder.


    Thank you!

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