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Hi ladies!  I spent my afternoon doing some genealogy with my mom and came across this great sib set list.  I thought I'd share.  My great-grandmother (mom's gma) was one of 17!!

Mary Alice

Ellen Emmalette

Henrietta (no MN)

Victoria Elnora

George Walter

Sarah Esther

Amy Isabelle

Joseph Calvin

Olive Mabel

Stephen James

Ira Adelbert

Lewis Harrison

Ruth Rebecca (my gg-gma!)

Edison Leroy

Hobart William

Then, if 15 wasn't enough, twins:

Lawrence Dewey and Leonard Schaley


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Re: Family names

  • All of these names are really good - 17! Wow! I'm especially loving Olive Mabel and Emmalette!
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  • This is a fantastic list!


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  • This is great - like a time capsule of old-timey names!  My fav (for nostalgic purposes, not actual-naming purposes) is Ira Adelbert.

  • Thanks!  I thought it was a great list too!!  I love Emmalette!

    ETA- and exclamation marks evidently!!!!!

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  • This looks like it could be modern day with all those names coming back. I love to see Stephen spelled with the ph!  (My hubby's name, and will be a DS's MN if we ever have a boy.) Also loving: Edison, Leonard (Leo), Ira, Emmalette, Olive, and Ruth.
  • Nice!

    I like Mary Alice, Victoria, Henrietta, Joseph, George, Stephen, and Lawrence.

    Wow, 17 kids, we're lucky to live in an age of birth control.

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