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Do you think people hated Victorian nicknames?

A lot of nicknames out there that seem to not make any sense for the name came about during the Victorian era.  It was all about rhyming.  Margaret = Meg = Peg = Peggy...that sort of thing.

Do you think there were people that hated these new nicknames the way most of us hate the rhyming -aden trend?  At least they were only nicknames and I can picture a stern grandmother insisting on calling her Margaret instead.  But at the same time, there were dozens of nicknames around.  Margaret might go by Peggy, or Meg, Maggie, Midge, Madge, Marge, Margie, Marg, Greta, Daisy etc.  So maybe it wasn't as annoying as a sudden influx of all -aden names.

Just a random thought....

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Re: Do you think people hated Victorian nicknames?

  • image baconface:

    I think they probably had so many nicknames because so many people had the same name.  Yeah, I am sure some people got annoyed with nicknames, but probably not like it is now.  

    They had bigger things to worry about.  Like cholera.

    Do you think the rhyming part specifically was annoying?  I think up until that time most nicknames were derived from shortening the name or at least letters within the name.  I wonder if anyone rolled their eyes when they introduced their son Edward as Teddy for the first time and explained that it worked because Ed and Ted rhymed.  Kind of sounds similar to the invented names we see these days.  So, maybe there's hope that the trend won't continue since other Victorian fads passed?

    I do agree about the cholera!  But at the same time I bet judgemental and crotchety old ladies are timeless.

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