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Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit Review

I meant to write this much sooner, but got caught up with stupid stuff at work.

Little back story: I'm a FTM, my DD has reflux - this can be quite relevant to sleep patterns. From about 7 week she slept 6 hours, woke to feed and slept 3 hours. She would take one long nap (2-3 hours) late morning, and 2 -3 short naps (45 min) the rest of the day. Up until this point, almost all naps and sleep have been swaddled - occasionally she will fall asleep in her RnP or in her swing and those naps are unswaddled. She WAS a reasonably good sleeper. We got her out of the RnP and into her crib for some naps about 4 weeks ago, and got her into her crib overnight 2 1/2-ish weeks ago with occasional difficult nights in the RnP.

She does not roll over, but I was a little worried about the swaddle dependency we were all developing. ;)

Her sleeping pattern had been a little goofy the 3-4 days leading up to ordering the suit. She was starting to wake up every 2-3 hours, and as morning got closer she woke every hour.

My husband and I had contemplated trying "The Suit" because it was a "miracle" product and we are always amused by trying stuff like that out, so I ordered it.

I have to say I was skeptical... but also a little desperate.

The Suit: 

We ordered yellow. She looks like a banana-flavored, astronaut. It is a soft fleece-y exterior and the inside is lined with a light, breathable material that does not seem to trap heat, contrary to the fact it looks like it would be extremely warm. We are in CA and she has been what I consider to be a very healthy temperature at the end of every sleep period - warm days and somewhat chilly nights. I was really pleasantly surprised how great the suit regulated her body temperature. My only note would be that some mornings her hands were actually a little chilly, but only very slightly.

The suit is kind of giant ? we got the 3 ? 6 month size, and she definitely has room to grow into it, but it still does the job perfectly.

The first night: 

As I mentioned she had started sleeping kind of poorly overnight prior to getting the suit. The first night was really no exception. She would sleep and fuss every 1 - 2 hours and we were all up and down all night. I was very prepared to declare the Miracle Suit a bust in the morning.

The second night: 

We were back to her normal routine 6 hours sleep, wake to eat, 3 hours sleep. That made me feel a little better.

 The third night:

We STTN. :)

And the STTN continued... so we started to use it for daytime naps. Her 30 minute naps have turned to 1.5 ? 2.5 hour naps and they are soooo easy! Even if she is overtired, I just put her in her suit, zip her up, put her pacifier in and she is usually asleep in 3 minutes.

This crazy suit even works for her even when we are away from home! Went to my dad's house, put her in the suit, turned on her white noise and she was out like a light.


I love this sleepsuit. If I could buy every new mother something ? it would be this suit. (And probably some Bamboobies because they rock my socks too.) My daughter actually seems to be calmed by the sight of the suit now. I had her at work with me today and by the time we made it home she was overtired and crying a little. We walked into her room and I picked up the suit and she got quiet and just rested against my shoulder while I got everything ready. I zipped her up and dropped her pacifier in her mouth and she was asleep before I made it to the door.

For what it is worth we have been 100% swaddle free for a few days now and the RnP is now being used a place to hang out rather than sleep.

This suit, the sleep and the peace of mind have been totally and completely worth it. I am an absolute, raving fan of the Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit.


Re: Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit Review

  • Thanks for the review!  I've been eying these.  My girl is outgrowing the "large" SwaddleMe and I really don't want her to have the forever swaddled association for sleep.  I needed to know it's worth the money though because it's expensive for us.

    Do you just have her in a onesie and socks?

    image  image  image



  • I forgot to mention that! I put her in it in a onesie and socks and I have put her in it in just a diaper and was not able to feel much of a temperature difference. I keep making my friends look at it and feel it because I don't know how they did it, but they made this bulky suit not be hot, but they did!

  • Is she formula-fed or breast-fed?
  • right now she gets about 70% breast and 30% formula. i got food poisoning a few weeks ago and still haven't been able to get up my supply. :(

  • image BellaOso:
    right now she gets about 70% breast and 30% formula. i got food poisoning a few weeks ago and still haven't been able to get up my supply. :(

    Bummer,  I hope it comes back up soon. Thanks for the review! 

  • We just got our MM Sleep suit last weekend. Our 4 month old daughter had been waking every hour or two since she got an ear infection at around 3 months. We were at our wits end and ready to start sleep training with the 'Sleep Easy Soluion.' I decided to add the MM Sleep suit to our plan as well because we were also transitioning from the FP rock n play to the crib and my daughter would startle herself awake often. The first night we put her in the sleep suit she slept in her crib with no wakings for 12 hours! This suit really is magical. I've already ordered a second one!

  • Just curious if you ended up sleep training your LO using the Sleep Easy Solution. If so, how did it go?

    We just bought the sleep suit got it on Thursday and it has been great for helping with the transition from the rock and play to the crib for naps and bedtime, as well as swaddling.

    It's the third night and we havent seen an increase in the length of sleep 4.55 hours so hopefully it will begin to lengthen out.

    If you are no longer using the suit, was it hard to transition out of it?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  • I'm not sure how much Bella is back here. You may want to page her on August '13 BMB. 
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