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Name the next sibling--new here

Hi everyone!

I'm brand spanking new here. I'm a mom to 3 fabulous kids and am ttc baby #4. Love having a big family, what can I say?! Without trying, my husband and I created a pattern with our kids' names. We have a HGF thing going on and like the idea of our next baby's name starting with an E. Can you guys help me come up with some ideas?

Our kids' names are
Hanna Kate
Grant Walker
Finley Lyn

Thanks for any help!!

Re: Name the next sibling--new here

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    My two E babies are Elijah and Evangeline.  I also like Evan, Ethan, Everett, Esmeralda, Eliana, Elena, Emma, Ella, Esther, Evelina and Emmaline.
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  • Boy:  I like Eli and Edward.  The first is the name of a student I tutored -- great kid.  The second is my dad's name.

    Girl: Emma (but it's really popular), Estelle, Elana, Eliza.

    I feel like Eliza has the same "feel" as Hanna.  Estelle and Elana not so much, although I really like the name Elana.  It would have been on my short list, but we did all 7 letter names.

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  • Congrats!  Check out the link - it was a thread where the OP was asking for all kinds of E names! 

    [url=]My Ovulation Chart[/url]

  • Hanna, Grant, Finley and Elsie

    Hanna, Grant, Finley and Eleri

    Hanna, Grant, Finley and Evelyn

    Hanna, Grant, Finley and  Everly

    Hanna, Grant, Finley and Eamonn

    Hanna, Grant, Finley and Elliot

    Hanna, Grant, Finley and  Ewan

  • Boys-Evan,Ethan,Emmett,



  • Boys: Ethan, Elias/Elijah (Eli), Evan

    Girls: Elise, Evelyn, Emmaline, Eliza, Elizabeth  

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  • I like that they have a pattern without it being too obvious.

    Girl - Eden, Emma, Elaina, Elise, Emily, Emery

    Boy - Ethan, Eli, Elijah, Emmett, Ezra, Evan, Everett

    I think Elise and Eli go best with your other kids names.

  • I am really attracted to "E" names right now.  They've already been mentioned, but my favorites are Evan, Ethan, Elias, and Emmeline.
  • I like Elliott and Ethan for boys.

    Emily and Emma for girls. Eve is nice too. 

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  • Boy: Ethan, Evan, Eric, Edward, Ernest, Enslo (sp?)

    Girl: Emmeline, Emma, Ella, Emily, Esther, Estelle, Erin, Emilia, Ellen, Eva, Eartha, Elaine, Eleanor

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  • For no reason at all I am absolutely in love with "E" names. My favorites (most of which have been shot down by my DH, btw) are: Eli, Elias, Elijah, Ezra, Emma, Essa, Eden and Ella.

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  • A few I don't think have been mentioned yet...






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