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My latest obsession...

Is how they determine ovulation on an ultrasound. I convinced myself before IUI #2 yesterday that ovulation had been missed. But they did an ultrasound right after the procedure that showed fluid in the uterus (nurse acted like this was a great thing), but the two follicles looked to me to still be sitting on the ovaries. She said they can release the eggs and fill back up with fluid (corpus luteum?). Can anyone add to this/direct me to more reading on the topic? Thanks;) Just when I thought I knew so much about ovulation, I find out there is still lots to learn...

TTC #2 for 18 months RE for 7 months progesterone=BFN/ clomid=BFN/ IUI#1 with clomid =BFN laparoscopy-Diagnosed with stage 2 endometriosis. IUI#2 letrozole/follistim #2 due 3/23/2013

Re: My latest obsession...

  • Well, I once mentioned to the ultra sound nurse that I thought I had ovulated. She said no and explained there was no fluid.  Maybe you just had a little fluid to indicate you were just starting to ovulate?   
  • As far as I know from my ultrasounds is that fluid in the uterus equals ovulation already occurred.  If the follicles are there and no fluid then that is how they tell you haven't ovulated.
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