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ABIA body scanners

I have to fly next week and my OB told me not to go through the body scanner.... has anyone requested a pat down at ABIA? At what point do you do that? (with the person checking your ticket/ID?)
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Re: ABIA body scanners

  • It's super easy, as you are in the line explain to the person by the scanner who gives instructions that your doctor said not to go through the scanner and to opt for a prenatal massage, I mean, pat down.

    Not everyone is chosen for a scan. IE my hubby who was carrying my daughter got to walk around and I had to scan. Although, now that I know about the cancer risks, I am now going to opt for a pat down. Pregnant or not :-)
  • I flew from ABIA with DS in May and did not have to go through the body scanner.  I was carrying him in my arms and they had me walk through the metal detector things just like they've always had.  We didn't have to do any kind of pat down.  HTH.
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  • I flew a lot while pregnant and I always asked to opt out of the scanners as soon as I put my carry on on the x-ray belt, before they told me if I'd been selected for the scan or not.  Sometimes they patted me down, sometimes they said not to worry about it and just go through the metal detector. 
  • As an update: I didn't have to worry about the scanners on the outbound flight - just told them I didn't want to do it and they sent me through a metal detector. I DID, however, have to do the pat down on our way back to Austin (San Diego Airport). They were really nice about it and while not the most pleasant experience, it wasn't that bad.

     Incidentally, longhornkelly I think I remember you from the Knot boards a few years back... I think we got married around the same time! What a coincidence. 

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  • I guess it depends on which airport you go through.  Coming back from Hawaii, I was directed into the security line where at the end, everyone went through the full body scanner.  I was carrying DD (10 months old) and I told them I didn't want to go through the scanner with her and they said no problem and just directed me to go through the line with just the regular metal detector.  Incidentally, all the airports in Hawaii swiped my hands for explosives because I was wearing DD in an Ergo.
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