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Did your OB deliver your twins?

My c section is scheduled with someone else in the group I'm disappointed but I hear this goes on a lot. If I go early it could be him but otherwise it's with a stranger.

Re: Did your OB deliver your twins?

  • All groups function differently.  My 2 MFMs plus another ob/gyn were scrubbed into my case. 

    I personally deliver all of my own patients unless I don't have childcare. 

    Sorry to hear this.....luckily most c-sections are straight forward.

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  • My babies have an eviction date and if I make it to that date, then yes, my OBGYN, plus the on-call OBGYN and a pediatrician will deliver my babies (c-section).  If I start to labour prior to the eviction date, then I will be at the mercy of whatever OB in the group is working that day (plus the on-call OB and pediatrician).
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  • Yes, but it depended on when I went into labor.

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  • If i deliver on my scheduled c-section my ob will be delivering them but if I go before then it will be who ever is on call. I've made a point to at least meet everyone over the last few years. I hated having a complete stranger deliver my son. 

  • Nope-she was OOT.  : (  She was due back the next day.

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  • Not technically, but she was there. 

    There was another OB on call the morning I went into labor, but my OB heard about it and rushed over anyway. She made it in time to assist with the C-section.

    It was really neat because both doctors are mothers of twin boys, and they delivered my twin boys together. My OB had even given birth to her twins in that same room! 

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  • I just wanted to add that with my singleton my OB was out of town, so it was the on-call midwife who delivered her. I'd only met the woman once before, but it was completely fine. I had a great experience!

    Even if it is a stranger who delivers your babies, they are all pros and will likely do all they can to make you feel comfortable and safe.  

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  • I had a scheduled c/s and my OB/GYN delivered my twins.  When I went into labor with my first, luckily my OB/GYN was on-call that night.
  • If I schedule an induction or csection then yes. It will be on her calendar. If I go into labor on my own and baby A is not beech then yes, because I'm VBACing. If baby a is breech and I go into labor and I need an emergent csection maybe not. But I don't go to a practice and my OB attends all her VBACs and schedules inductions an sections on her calendar. 
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    Mine was scheduled specifically for when my MFM was going to be there. I would be really pissed if I were scheduled with another doctor.
  • Yes, she did even though I went into labor a few days before I was scheduled for and it meant that she had to get up at 4 in the morning. She would have been delivering them on the scheduled date if I had made it that long.
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  • My OB's practice I bounced around between like 5 different OB's there throughout my pregnancy. The day of my delivery I of course had the one OB i've NEVER seen the whole pregnancy! I was so freaked out! It ended up being great though. She was sooo amazing and sweet and did a great job! I now switched to her over my main OB because I liked her that much! :)
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  • My OB delivered me since he has his own practice. He was out of the country a week before my scheduled induction and if I were to have gone into labor one of his colleagues would have had to deliver me. I am very glad that I made it to my scheduled date! : )
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  • Mine did. We loved my OB. He was on vacation (in town) when I was 36w-37w pg (Christmas Eve to New Year's) and he gave me his personal cell phone number and told me to call if he went into labor and he would be there.

    Fortunately for him ;) I made it to my scheduled induction at 37w6d.

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  • I did, but my OB group rotated you through all partners early in pg, so I knew everyone who could possibly be delivering me.  I would have been happy with any of them, I loved them all.  I actually had my OB and another OB in the practice's mother (a retired OB) deliver me. 
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  • My OB's practice is just her and one other who wasn't doing deliveries at the time so my OB delivered my twins.
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