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AW: I love my in-laws!

 Sorry, somewhat "TL;DR," but there is a serious lack of things to do in this place!

Prior to my emergency c-section, my mother- and father-in-law had been planning to drive over to visit (from Iowa to Michigan) in July to help DH paint the baby's room before our shower was supposed to happen. It was something I was really excited for because we have so much baby "stuff" but nothing to do with it until we could get the walls painted (and get the furniture in).

Of course, when they heard that I would be delivering prematurely, they (as well as one of DH's sisters and her husband who live in Chicago) immediately made a special trip to visit with us during my hospital stay. When the four of them left the hospital I had DH go with them to help them get settled in at our place the afternoon I delivered. So he's been going back and forth the past couple days to keep me/the baby company as well as spend some time with the in-laws while I'm (mostly) stuck in my hospital bed napping.

Yesterday evening they all came back to visit with me again and FIL abruptly spills the beans that they had (with DH's help) taken a sample of the baby's bedroom decor, had it paint matched (something I had been planning to do right before their visit in July), and painted the baby's room! ALREADY! I thought they were teasing me at first... They are such sweethearts. :) I'm just surprised it was FIL who had the loose lips! Supposedly, my mother was privy to it and usually she's the kind of person who can't keep secrets. Either way, it's so nice to have something like that waiting for me since I'm not exactly looking forward to my discharge on Sunday (which sounds strange, but yeah...).

Any of you September 2012 mamas have any good in-law/family experiences lately? 

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Re: AW: I love my in-laws!

  • That is awesome.

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  • Thats really sweet! Sounds like a bit of stress was lifted off your shoulders!
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  • That is awesome!
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  • Manx4Manx4 member
    How nice of them!  I'm so glad they were able to help you get excited about coming home.
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  • My ILs are really sweet, too. On Wednesday, I dropped DD off at her first day of a parks & rec summer program and they asked me to fill out an emergency contact form. I was looking up my ILs number on my cell phone and accidentally hit the "call" button. I hung up as soon as I realized what I'd done, but a couple of minutes later my phone rang and it was FIL asking if I'd just called. FIL was all ready to jump in the car and drive down here (75 minute drive) thinking I was in labor or something. I admitted the call was an accident and we had a good laugh over it.


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  • That is so sweet!!!

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  • Such a nice surprise!
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  • That's great! 

    I often tell people that I have the best in-laws ever. I love that we get along beautifully, that we live 20ish minutes away from each other and that they are truly second parents to me.

    I don't have any recent stories at the moment to share, other than the other day I was talking about how frustrated I am that I can't find a dresser that I like for the nursery, and they were like, "we have 3 dressers that we aren't using. If you like one, you can take one" and one of them is perfect.

    They just saved us at least $200. :) 

    Vroom, vroom.
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